Shared Curriculum: Assembling Resources for Education

Facilitated by Pete Schwartz in the Physics Department at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. My interest is for these pages to be a community wiki of shared resources. Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating. Please use what you like from any of these webpages. Feedback is welcome. Read about me from my CV and my personal webpage.


Energy, Society, and the Environment – Public Access Curriculum

Spring 2015 PSC320
Spring 2015 PHYS310
Winter 2017 PSC320
Spring 2017 PHYS310
Winter 2018 PSC320
Winter 2019 PSC320
Spring 2019 PHYS310
Winter 2020 PSC320

Appropriate Technology: Dedicated to understanding and mitigating the struggles of the global poor.

Parallel Pedagogy for Introductory Mechanics, Public Curriculum

PHYSICS 141 Fall 2014 (2 classes)
SUSTAIN Physics, Winter 2015, Correct Website
PHYSICS 141 Fall 2015
PHYSICS 141 Winter 2016
PHYSICS 141 Spring 2016 (2 classes)
PHYSICS 141 Fall 2016
PHYSICS 141 Spring 2017
PHYSICS 141 Fall 2017
PHYSICS 141 Winter 2018
PHYSICS 121 Spring 2018
PHYSICS 141 Fall 2018
PHYSICS 121 Winter 2019
PHYSICS 141 Fall 2019 (2 classes: one with Pete Schwartz, one with Professor Jenn Klay)
PHYSICS 121 Winter 2020
PHYSICS 121 Spring 2020 (in quarantine)
PHYSICS 141 Winter 2021 (a double class in quarantine)


Oscillations, Optics, Thermal (Introduction)

132 Spring 2015 SUSTAIN
132 Spring 2016 Lab Only

ElectroMagnetism PHYS 133

133 Fall 2017

Quantum Lab

Fall 2015, PHYS-340


Physics Department Repository of Energy/Sustainability resources and questions for all physics classes.
Summer Research 2016
Summer Research 2017
Summer Research 2018
Summer Energy Class for Research Students


Electives at Teach Elementary School
Cal Poly exam Schedules