121 Spring 2018 Week 3

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Before Class, first half of class: Vectors in the four lenses. Also, proving energy formulas.

Preparation for second half of Tuesday’s Class

During Class

  • Big Exam #2 Be ready to demonstrate perfect dynamics protocol.
  • How do you keep the water in the bottom of the bucket?
  • How have your first 2 weeks gone? You’ll be asked to give me an impression of your experience so far.

After Class:
Would you like to have a garden, or learn about aquaponics, growing mushrooms? Bee keeping? Tree nursery? Please consider coming to the
Student Experimental Farm this Sunday at 11 AM, or thereabouts. How do I get to the SEF?

Optional video: Veritasium on how they measured gravity waves. 2017 Nobel Physics Prize!

Thursday: Springs and Energy Diagrams

Before Class

  • I posted PS#3 and solutions to PS#2 on the main class website.
  • Thanks for your comments last class. Please see them posted on the main class website.
  • Please see the video about Doc Edgerton’s Photograph of Denny Shute hitting the golf ball
  • See video about: Springs!
  • Potential Energy Graphs video
  • Some physical work I did at home
  • See Student Project Video: Measuring Speed of Bullet
  • Read 2.6 Springs
  • Read 2.7 Energy Graphs
  • Read 2.8, a review about the lens method, updated to include vectors
  • Important to consider for today’s class… your life may depend on it. You have two balls to throw against a door in order to close the door with the impact of the ball. One ball is perfectly elastic, and the other one is perfectly inelastic. Which ball will be most effective at closing the door? Why?
  • Please complete this short survey #2
  • Please spend at least 20 minutes working on the fire hose impact question.
  • After you have done the task above and preferably spoke with your friends about it, please see how I solved the fire hose impact question.
  • Be ready to hand in your completed Project #1.

During Class

  • Ballistics Pendulum – how fast can you throw a ball?
  • Surviving a fire in your dorm room