121 Spring 2018 Week 7


Before Class


During Class

  • Big Exam! #6
  • Discussion, demos, preparation

Thursday, Midterm #2
Some more study resources:

  • Solutions for PS#6 posted
  • Here is the midterm I gave to a 141 class, Fall 2017. These questions are representative of what you can expect, but likely your test will be considerable shorter (just 3 or 4 of these questions): MT#2, MT#2_with_comments, MT#2_Solutions,
  • From Spring 2017 – please disregard question #1 as it is more complicated than something I would put on your exam: MT#2 + extra problem, MT#2 Solutions, MT#2 help on #1, #5
  • You may find questions 3 and 4 valuable from Fall 2016 (questions 1 and 2 are kind of complicated and I wouldn’t recommend them): MT#2, with two more (underlined) questions for greater practice MT#2 Solutions
  • Please consider taking PSC-391/491, a GE D5. Sustainability, poverty, equity.PSC 391,491.png