132 Lab, Spring 2016

Room 180-273 Wednesdays, 8:00 – 11:00

Pete Schwartz, Cal Poly Physics, Pete’s Webpage. See Pete’s other classes.
Email: pschwart@calpoly.edu, 756-1220, 180-608
Office hours: M(10:10 AM), T(2:10), W(noon), F(11), F(noon)

The website PlayPosit will require you to sign up with a password. This doesn’t take long, and it’s free
Some Research on Physics Education Veritassium video, Say the Wrong Thing.
Free Online Textbook go to Open Stax College Physics Textbook

More Practice: http://www.aplusphysics.com/courses/honors/honors_physics.html OpenStax Solutions Manual

Learn about scaling with the scaling video

week 0: pressure:
see video about how air pressure drops off exponentially with elevation.

Lab Description 1-Pendulum

Lab Description 2-Thermometer
Learn about Heat Flow

Lab Description 3-Calorimeter This is the first day of the faculty strike. Please see some information I have assembled for students regarding the strike.

See these videos about climate change:
Radiative Forcing
Physical Effects of Global Warming
Climate Change

The very interesting politics of climate change and climate change denial
Veritassium on Climate Change
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Jon Stewart on Climate Change Denial

Lab Description 4-adiabatic compression
isothermal process
Useful resource?: Gas Processes Worksheet
Heat Engines and the three laws of thermal physics:
Heat Engines
Efficiency and the three laws
See Heat Pumps Video

Lab Description 5-Spring SHO
If you want a review of frequency, wavelength, and speed, check out: http://www.aplusphysics.com/courses/honors/waves/wave_equation.html
Review the video about Springs and Hook’s Law if you haven’t seen it yet, or if you want to review it.
See the new video on Oscillatory Motion.
See the video How to solve the equations of motion by using the anal extraction method, I mean the “guess and check method”

Introducing the Traveling Waveform, Dynamics of the wave,Example of a Traveling Wave

Lab Description 6-Vibrating String
Please watch this video I prepared for you describing The Power Transmitted in a wave on a string
Please see video on standing waves, beats, and music.

Watch this short video from MIT (Walter Lewin was a graduate student when I was there in 1984) What are waves?

Lab Description 7-standing sound waves
This ridiculous video from NPR is about standing light waves.
See video on Doppler Effect

Lab Description 8-diffraction
Diffraction: Please watch Veritasium Video about Chameleons, and Wave Tank Diffraction.
Diffraction is all about understanding the geometry in a single triangle: Think about this triangle when you watch this Veritassium Video

Lab Description 9-Snell’s Law
Refraction Slides from 4-27

Lab Description 10-lenses