133 Fall 2017 Laboratory

PHYS-133-12, Friday 12:10 PM – 3:00 PM, 180-266

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Email: pschwart@calpoly.edu, 756-1220, My office is at 180-608, the new science building
Office hours: M (4:10), T(10:10), W(1:10), R(none), F(9:10 and 11:10)
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The syllabus explains the class policies including how your final grade is determined.

We will follow this schedule.

Week 2, Friday, Sept. 22. We are doing “week 1 lab, Electrostatics
Week 3, Friday, Sept. 29. Electric Field Lab
Week 4, Friday, Oct. 5, Dipole Electric Field Lab, and The Associated Worksheet
Week 5, Friday, Oct. 13. Graphing equipotential Lab, and the Associated Worksheet
Week 6, Friday, Oct. 20, Capacitors. Although it says this is for week7, the new subject order calls for it now.
Week 7, Friday, Oct. 27, Circuits I
Week 8, Friday, Nov. 4, Circuits II
Week 10, Friday, Nov 17, Magnetic Force on a Wire
Week 11, Friday, Dec. 1, Faraday’s Law Note to self: use a graphical, visual method of magnetic field strength in order to visualize the direction that the current will flow.

Student Feedback: Week 7, Course End Evals

Grading Policy – You will receive one of the following grades with the associated criteria

  • Attend all labs
  • Participate in all labs

Good: You will achieve the criteria for satisfactory above and additionally:

  • Complete all labs
  • Log your work in your notebook in a way that you can explain to me what everything means
  • Get your hands involved with every aspect of the lab
  • Support your group learning

Fail: Do not meet the criteria for a satisfactory grade above

Please see these two videos:

Scaling Laws
Inverse Square law