141 Fall 2019 Week 2

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Wednesday, we are going to graph some of our own motion, forces, energy, and power. In these videos, you will see several ways to extract kinematic data from a video. The full description of the project can be found on a link from the main class website.

Before Class:

  1. Please view the video kinematic graphs, LIVE! and watch me draw graphs on a board to represent my motion on a bicycle. 
  2. Do this short survey #1 – it counts as a video. Please consider your lens all the time.
  3. View Smarter Every Day Grasshoppers, and try to repeat his experiment with the other grasshopper. You can download Tracker at this website. You may have an easy time doing this, or you may have great difficulty because of software compatibility. A past student wrote this to help: Tracker Video Instructions. Please work together. In the face of fighting with malicious software, you need good friends. All the same, if it doesn’t work for you, please do your best to estimate the acceleration using my Excel method in the graphing video I did below. One student was able to get tracker to work on a Mac only after transforming the video into a .mov… here it is Grasshopper .mov
  4. Download Tracker Software or Logger Pro. Make sure you can make it work, or come in with a question. I was able to download Tracker from this website and use it! This is great for us because it means we don’t need to use university computers. Please try to do it yourself on your computers before tomorrow. The instructions from yesterday and Smarter Everyday Video can also help.
  5. Finish PS#2 to be handed in during class.
  6. You may use Logger Pro to analyze your motion data, so please see how we can collect our kinematic data using Logger Pro.
  7. Please see how we can analyze our kinematic information from Logger Pro using Excel.
  8. Wednesday, we’re going to meet at Via Carta to take videos of us to calculate kinematics, forces, energy, power, and look at momentum conservation. The first project description link is on the main class webpage. Please take a look at it. You can actually do this analysis without any software (Logger Pro or Tracker). I show you how to do this in the videos for tomorrow. You can look at them today if you want.
  9. Readings: 2.3 Graphical Analysis of Kinematics
  10. HEY, Refresh the main class website every time you log on!!! – this is necessary in order to see the newly-posted resources.

During Class
Warm up problems,
Practice and prepare for Wednesday’s Activity, tomorrow’s Assessment.

Sustainability Opportunity: 10/1 Zero Waste Festival on Dexter Lawn, 10-2pm

Tuesday: Vectors in the four lenses, proving energy formulas. Assessment #2

Before Class

  1. PG&E has announced we’ll have periodic power outages. Just so you know my position: If the campus is open, we’ll be having regular classes!
  2. There are problems with this video. I’ll try to fix it but I understand some people just get an error message when they hit the link. I graphed my motion without Tracker. Please view: Graphing running
  3. Graphing a ball toss.
  4. Please see how I solved the Grasshopper Problem Using Excel.
  5. Consider adding an Environmental Studies Minor into your degree. 
  6. Two videos describing the role of vectors: Vectors: Forces, momentum, and Vectors: Energy and Kinematics
  7. See a video about how to measure power.
  8. Get the flu vaccine! Last winter, more than 80,000 people died from the flu. College students are the group that is least likely to get the vaccine, but they suffer significantly from getting the flu. Please read about it if you like.
  9. See video on Proving why the kinetic energy formula is correct.
  10. Read section 2.4 (Vectors and Direction)
  11. Are you stressed about the assessment? Do you worry it’s harming your health? If so, please read about Making Stress your friend.
  12. Professor Klay’s class created a Group Me to connect the students in our classes, provide resources, ask questions, complain about the instructors… etc.  Please feel free to join with your cell phone:
    Professor Klay promised not to join and so I won’t either. Thus, you can discuss us and the class more openly, but you are always welcome to bring questions into class. Let me know how it goes!

During Class:
Meet at Via Carta by the lowest side of our building and record your video. Bring anything you may need. After you take your measurements, we can go to 180-272 and 180-273.

Wednesday: Meet at Via Carta Today!

we will analyze data on our movement.

Before Class

  1. See the video about Doc Edgerton’s Photograph of Denny Shute hitting the golf ball. How does this picture relate to what we are doing with the video?
  2. If you didn’t see the graphing running video yesterday, please view: Graphing running.
  3. PG&E has announced we’ll have periodic power outages. Just so you know my position: If the campus is open, we’ll be having regular classes!

During Class

  • Make project video, begin analysis!

Thursday: Dynamics Protocol
 Acceleration = the vector sum of the Forces / m

Wednesday in class, we talked about the problem of pushing a car, using the energy lens. To clarify, energy and the work I do is a scalar. Work can be positive or negative… but it doesn’t have a direction. The displacement and force are vectors. When the work decreases energy, it’s negative work.

Before Class

  1. The Elevator Dynamics Problem
  2. Please see this video demonstrating the dynamics protocol.
  3. Bozeman Science FBDs
  4. Read 2.5 (Dynamics)
  5. Please do short survey #2
  6. There’s a talk at 5:30 this evening in the Cal Poly Lofts downtown (see this flyer) by an entrepreneur/inventor who started a DC/Solar refrigerator company. There’s supposed to be pizza there.

Then what is equilibrium? How do we find the resultant force? We introduce the “dynamics protocol” (Big Exam on this today)

During Class

  • So ends two weeks of 141. How is your experience so far?
  • Work on your project. Finish it up!
  • Big Exam #3 Be ready to demonstrate perfect dynamics protocol.
  • How do you keep the water in the bottom of the bucket?
  • Hand in project #1?
  • A string breaks
    Would you like to have a garden, or learn about aquaponics, growing mushrooms? Bee keeping? Tree nursery? Please consider coming to the
    Student Experimental Farm this Sunday at noon, or thereabouts. How do I get to the SEF?

Optional video: Veritasium on how they measured gravity waves