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Links are to videos associated with Pete Schwartz’s Cal Poly Introductory Mechanics

Video Name Link to FOR CREDIT Educanon Video Reference Link to YouTube Video
Different Mechanics Class
Say the Wrong Thing
4 Kinds of Physics Questions
Displacement and Velocity
Energy Flows
Big Picture Mechanics
Forces Effect on p, v, E
Pushing Box Problem
Drawing Kinematic Graphs
Smarter Every Day Grasshoppers
Graphing Running
Graphing a Ball Toss
Energy Work and Power
Derive Kinetic Energy
Vectors: Forces, Momentum
Vectors: Energy, Kinematics
Dynamics: Elevator Problem
Bozeman, Free Body Diagram
Boat on the River

Video Name Link to FOR CREDIT Educanon Video Reference Link to YouTube Video
Car Collision computation
Slowing Down the Car Computation
Throwing Box off Cliff Computation
Graphing Kinematics
Kinematic Functions
SPRINGS! Forces and Energy
Estimating in Trig
Adding Forces Graphically
Pulling a Sled
Ballistics Pendulum
Hanging Dice in accelerating car
Slack Line Walking
Inelastic Collision in 2D
Reference Frame, Misc
Please Read Text
Gravity, inverse square law
Escape speed and Grav Pot E
Potential Energy graphs
1D, 2D Kinematic Equations
Friction on an Inclined Plane
Systems of masses, Atwood Mach.
System of masses using energy
System of masses: friction, Work
System of masses: Dynamics
Force of Fire Hose
Elastic Collisions with Lewin at MIT
Elastic Collisions, reference frame
4 Rotational Concepts
Rotational Units and linear correlation
Torque and Lever Arm
Moment of Inertia
Statics updated since posting
Angular momentum, Karate, Skating
Centripetal Acceleration derivation
mass*centripetal acceleration =
vector sum of the forces
Why does water stay in the bottom
of the bucket upside down?
Bullet into block – veritassium
Bullet into Block Result – Veritassium
Bullet into Block explained-Veritassium
Parallel Axis Theorem
Diving Board Problem
Skateboarding Loop de Loop
Tetherball (Conical Pendulum)
Big Picture Rotation
Angular Momentum of Pt. Mass
Ladder Problem
Bicycle Transmission
Rotational System Dynamics
Flywheel Rolling Down Incline