Exam Week Fall 2019

i will post times here when Jenn and I will be available during exam week. I encourage you to organize to meet with your colleagues outside my office. While I will not dedicate my time to tutoring, I will be glad to speak with your group if your group has a question. If you have any questions about the exam, please Email me the questions and I will answer them below for everyone to read:

FINAL EXAM: Final exam is on the main class website. I’ve received some questions, so I’ll provide a few thoughts and update this list as more questions come in:

  • Questions will be very much like assessment questions.
  • The exam will take all or most of the 3 hrs. I encourage you to address all the problems.
  • You will not need a calculator to solve any problems. Everything can be done by estimating to a reasonable amount. For full credit, please estimate any numerical answer into decimal form… that is, don’t leave things in terms of a trig function, fraction, square root, etc. You will be slightly penalized if you carry an answer out to way more precision than the values presented in the question. You can’t have a graphing calculator, or one that will do calculus such as taking derivatives or integrals.
  • Formula sheet – 50 bits of information. Only twice in my life have I decided a student had too much information. We agreed to tear the paper in half… and all was good!