First Physics Group Project

Your first project is a collaborative project between 2- 4 students. You can not do it alone, nor can you have more than four students on it. If there are 5 (or more )students who want to work together, you can together do two projects and just put two people on one and three people’s names on the other. I think that would be great.

Your project should be done Monday of week 3, but I will collect it on paper Tuesday of week 3. The project must include kinematic data from a video you take. It’s best of the camera/phone is mounted so that it doesn’t move around! You will make graphs of x <-> t, v<-> t, a <-> t. You may find that the displacement graphs are beautiful, the velocity graphs are a little noisy and the acceleration graph is a mess. Why do you think this is the case?

Additionally, you will have to do some calculation yielding a force and power output. You may find it helpful to make a graph of kinetic energy versus time as I did in one of my videos.

The project is required. Please do your best. If it isn’t correct, I’ll ask you to improve it.