Letter about Phillips 66


I share with you a statement I sent to our local policy makers March 13, 2017, with regard to Philips 66 proposed oil trains… (so far, San Luis Obispo has rejected the oil trains):
“Dear Planning Commissioners,
I’m writing to oppose the creation of the Phillips 66 rail spur. As a physics professor specializing in Energy, Society, Environment, and Sustainability, I embrace all the health and safety concerns voiced by other project opponents. However, I want to add a concern that is not widely used to oppose the project: the economy. Despite what fossil fuel companies espouse, the evidence clearly indicates to me that supporting the fossil fuel industry is detrimental to California’s economy. A decade ago California passed AB 32 (the 2006 greenhouse gas reduction bill) against fossil fuel industry objections that such a bill would damage the California economy. Since then, California’s economy has blossomed (As described in 2012 in the LATimes) as our energy use has decreased, and we increasingly become leaders in green tech, efficiency, and renewable energy. I do not think it is a coincidence that companies like Tesla, Bright Source, and Enphase are located in California. As indicated in this AltEnergyMag article, 17 of the world’s 50 top new green tech companies are in California! I firmly believe that opening the door to yesterday’s technologies will only hold us back. Please help California continue our technology/environmental leadership by rejecting the Phillips proposal.
Please contact me if I can be of any assistance.
Pete Schwartz
Cal Poly Physics, Sustainability
the new science building, 180-608