Phys 310 Sp19 Wk1

Global Energy Consumption

Monday’s Class : no class celebrate Cesar Chavez and Equity!
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Wednesday’s Class :

Explain how wellbeing is coupled to wealth only for the very poor.

Identify different kinds of energy stocks and flows. Recognize 3 different primary energy sources

Make energy transition diagram from primary energy to radiant cooling.

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  • Read syllabus on main class website. This class is graded very differently from most classes, so it is in your best interest to know how we’re doing things. I won’t use class time for this, so please read the syllabus.
  • Please take this short survey before Wednesday’s class. the survey counts as two videos.
  • See the the following videos. When you click on your first video, you will be required to start a free account. Please make your name: FirstnameLastname. So I would be PeteSchwartz. Please record your password. Retrieving it is difficult.
  • Please watch: Intro_Energy_Conversion
  • Dropping_Rock_Conversion
  • Happiness_and_Energy_I
  • Please carefully read this article that bleakly describes what we’re up against: Bill McKibben in the New Yorker. It’s pretty dark, so manage the depression as best you can until we get together to explore solutions. This is a magical time because we actually know and can see the consequences of our actions; and as a society, we can respond to solve the challenges… or choose not to. In any case, please read, and we’ll talk about this in class.
  • Read 349-356, Global Energy
  • Check out PS#1 on the main class website.

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  • Prepare

Friday: Please read PS#1 before class

How can we decouple wellbeing from CO2 emissions

Will the poor countries develop the same way we did? Is it important to us that they don’t?… the answer should be YES!

Before Class

  • Read PS#1 on the main class website.
  • If you didn’t take it already for Wednesday’s class, please take this short survey before you see the videos below.
  • Rossling_Ignorance video
  • Happiness Emissions Decoupling
  • In case the the McKibben article for Wednesday’s class didn’t alarm you, please read this NPR article summarizing recent climate change publications.
  • Read about recent news in Global Happiness.
  • US Human Energy Flows or US Energy Flows. Which one do you like better?
  • Global_Energy_Stocks_and_Flows see World Stocks Flows diagram
  • Units_and_Global_Use
  • Read in Text 368-374, Rates of Change, Power, Population
  • I looked up why there were students on the wait list. It turns out that the university put a cap on enrollment at 36, but the room has a capacity of 48. So, I increased the cap on enrollment to 48. You can let you people know there’s room in the class if they want to add it.
  • We will have lots to do Friday, so I ask that we don’t spend time on projects Friday. Instead, I set up a project page, link on main class website. I put several projects on it that I am interested in. However, you can also send me a proposal of your project with any relevant links, and I will put the project on the the project table. Over the weekend, I will send out a poll where students can elect into a group. I will establish the groups by Monday’s class. So, if you have a project idea, please send it to me as soon as possible.


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  • Big Exam #1

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  • Don’t throw anything away for a week. Report your experience on the self intervention website (link on main website)