PHYS 310 Sp19 Wk10


Monday’s Class :

Before Class

  • Go to the REN21 website and read the 2018 executive summary of the report. See if you can answer some questions:
    • Who is this report written for/to?
    • What general trends to they see?
    • What kind of bias might they have?
    • What important nuggets of information do you take away?
  • In grading assessment #7, one student stated that HFCV can’t have regenerative braking… I had to think about this. Theoretically, you could… the braking could drive some hydrogen ions backwards… but I don’t know how it would work. In reality, you might need a hybrid BEV/HFCV to realize regenerative braking… And you really want this anyway because HFCs can’t give you the excellent response (acceleration) that a BEV will give you, so you’d rather have a super capacitor or small capacity battery charged by the HFC. Then the regenerative braking could charge the battery, and also use the battery for quick spurts. In my searches, I found this rather outspoken criticism of HFCV… you might learn something from it, other than that Elon Musk could learn to better express himself.
  • But someone else might point to the fact that there’s a company selling HFC Bikes!
  • Please read about the third self intervention on the main class website, and start yours and log a narrative on the main class website. You can log that you’re starting it and then log a finish later.
  • I posted the Week 8 feedback slips you provided. There was a lot said about how the class should change. Please have a look. If you find a consistent direction to change the class, I’d be interested to hear it… maybe we can talk about it during the potluck.

During Class

We have TWO student presentations today!

After Class

Wednesday’s Class

Before Class

  • Finish reading the REN 21 executive summary. And actually, you may find it more pertinent to instead read the highlights… or at least look at the images and graphs.
  • Take a quick look at all the new articles on the ECEEE news website.
  • Come prepared to ask questions and work on your projects
  • Consider: Are utilities trying to discourage distributed generation, or are they just in recouping costs?
  • On your project webpage, put a picture of your entire group together having fun.
  • Consider my feedback for your webpage. The webpage will be evaluated starting midnight Saturday night after finals week. If you have finished it in your opinion and you want a pre-evaluation, please send me a note, copying everyone on the group stating that you think it’s done and you’d appreciate my feedback.
  • If you haven’t figured out a self intervention #3, you might try to eat kelp once a day and cook it for the potluck.
  • Do you feel “flight shame“? The airlines are mobilizing to make a counter offensive.

Friday: last assessment

During Class

  • Assessment #8

After Class:

  • Surveys: Please take the university survey for this class. The link was sent to you via Email.
  • Prepare final presentation (and final dish to share).

Finishing up, Finals Week!

  • 3rd Self Intervention:  Please post your third self intervention on the website linked to the main class website, and send me a copy of it for credit. Please do this before the end of the day, Wednesday, June 12.
  • Please read through at least 5 self interventions from your colleagues. I’ll also be reading through them.
  • Your class had a phenomenal response of 21 out of 32 students on the cal poly student evaluation. Thanks. HOWEVER, there is very little information there, except the comments. I would greatly appreciate it if everyone could also fill out this anonymous survey that may provide more information for me about the class. Please do it before Friday morning so we have something to reflect on after presentations.
  • Final presentations: 10 AM Friday, June 14 in our classroom. Please bring food to share if you can, and a dinner place setting for yourself. Bring a friend if you like. If you don’t bring food, you still have to come!
  • Final Grading of Website: Midnight, Saturday night, June 15:
  • Group Feedback. Please send me a short Email describing your experience for the group project. Please do this before midnight Saturday night, June 15.

NUTS!!! (please) If you use nuts or other things that people can be allergic to, please label the contents