PHYS-310 Spring 2015

Monday, Wednesday 6:10 – 7:30 PM in 53-213

Pete Schwartz, Cal Poly Physics, Pete’s Classes, Pete’s Webpage:, 756-1220, 180-608
Office hours: M(10:10, 3:10), T(2:10), W(1:10), Th(12:10)

Please see syllabus for course details and grading.

David Hafemeister, or “DH”,, 756-2199, 180-615 Cal Poly Physics, emeritus. With rich history in policy, energy and security/weapons issues. DH wrote our textbook: Physics of Societal Issues: Calculations on National Security, Environment, and Energy,” 2nd edition, David Hafemeister, Springer 2014 Office hours: T(2:10), Th(2:10)

We are coteaching this class in a partially “flipped” classroom methodology where the broader concepts are introduced outside of class via Pete’s videos and reading from our textbook. This leaves class time for activities, energy policy debates, and calculations with DH.

In order to receive credit for watching the videos, please get connected to Educanon into this class: PHYS 310. A tutorial here, and a video here show you how to enroll, but for a different class. Follow the same steps, but make sure you enroll in our class, PHYS 310. You may need the student search code: v92edc when asked for name of instructor or class.

Please See: the Projects website where you can post your project, and the Project Description so you know how to do your project. You can see past energy projects. The links are at the bottom of the Appropriate Technology Webpage. Our Self-Intervention Website

Lectures: 1M 1R 2M 2W

Problem Sets: PS#1, PS#1_Soltutions, PS1_SolutionsB, PS1_SolutionsC, PS#2, PS#2 Solutions, PS#2 DH Solutions, updated PS#3, PS#3 Solutions, PS#3 DH Solutions, PS#3 Q3 Solutions, PS#4, PS#4Q1 solution, PS#4_DH_Solutions, PS#5, PS#6, PS#6_solutions, PS#6_DH_Solutions, Excel Spreadsheet, PS#7, PS#7_Solutions

Exams: Old Midterm Exam, Some Helpful information about MT, MT Solutions for DH Problems Pete’s Problems

Communication regarding the class:

wk Videos Readings Learning Objectives / Class Activities
1M Energy Conversion,
Energy Flow Video
349-355, 359-361 Identify different kinds of energy stocks (stored energy) and flows (power or conversion)
Recognize 3 different primary energy sources
Make energy transition diagram from primary energy to radiant cooling
1W Global Energy Flow 355-356, 368-374
Pollution in China affects USA?
China Pollution
World Stocks Flows, US energy flows
Energy Growth in the Developing World
PS 1 is posted above, as is a copy of the lecture slides from Monday
2M Wealth – Wellbeing
Moyers: USA wealth gap
2M Wealth Well-being II
Rosling: Poverty Statistics
China Happiness Reflection Explain how wellbeing is coupled to wealth only for the very poor.
How can we decouple wellbeing from CO2 emissions
2W Heat Flow 375-379, 395-405
2W Heat Engines Animated Engines Draw and Explain how the following work:Piston Internal Combustion Engines (2 Stroke and 4 Stroke)
Turbine Cycles: Rankine and Brayton Cycles
Stirling Engines and the early Steam Engines
How do we compress, heat (often explode), expand gas to turn chemical (to heat to) physical work (kinetic energy)
Act Friday, Lonny in Library 2nd floor
11:00 AM
Check out Lonny on his TEDx talk Science Cafe with Lonny
3M Combustion
Celest 425 W
DH at APS Conference
3M Conversion Efficiency
3W Electricity Generation 409-424 HEY, I updated PS#3 due Monday, and posted solutions to PS#1 and PS#2
3W Electrical Transmission
Act Activity in Lab Electrical Generation, Electrical Motors Do we understand how we use magnets to generate electricity from mechanical (kinetic) energy, or how we convert electrical energy to kinetic energy with motors. Think mechanical electrical transducers
4M Electrical Grid 360-363, 543-554
Start First Intervention – Don’t throw anything away for a week.
4M Electricity Markets HEY, I’m a little late getting these last two videos up (“Electricity Markets” and “Cal Energy Crisis, Smart Grid”), there is only one question at the end of them. I encourage you to take notes and be ready with questions during class.
4M Cal Energy Crisis, Smart Grid Cal Energy Crisis, WikipediaSmart Meters, NYTimes
Consumer Awareness Study Real time pricing Haas Energy
4W Peak Oil 558-562
4W Getting Tight Oil and Gas Fracking and Earthquakes NPR
optional Farrell – Risks of the Oil Transition
US Gasoline Consumption Back Up Again
NPR new reserve found
5M Nuclear Technology 245-249,
First Nuclear Reactor Approved in USA
PS#3 Solutions Posted
5M Fusion
5W Nuclear Safety 250-257

NY Times New OPEC

PS#3 Solutions Posted
5W Nuclear Waste, Cost Hansen to Congress
Kammen on Life Cycle Costs of Nuclear
NYTimes Yucca
Yucca Mt. Repository Wikipedia
PS#4 Solutions Posted (for quantitative problems)
Act Activity
6M Story of Stuff DUE TUESDAY (after the midterm). Please study for the midterm.
Midterm – 1 hr exam
HEY! In the last video, I had a question that asked if the amount of coal we were using had changed. I had the wrong answer. YES, we are reducing our coal consumption (by 10% in the past few years) and it is being replaced mostly by increased NG use.
6M 16e Natural Energy Flows Empathy in Design
DUE TUESDAY (after the midterm). Please study for the midterm.
6W CC Causes 277-309
Read the GHG part of Arrhenius biography
6W Effects of CC The fate of Anthropocene?
7M Response to CC
CEI CO2 is life
The Daily Show
Science Guy Denial
Veritassium Boring C. C.

Ban on talking about CC
The Pope vs. Politicians?
Natural Gas the Bridge to Nowhere?

7M CC Policy
Social Change
Poor Countries Demand Payment
2016 Carbon Emissions Update
7W Electricity Finances 314-324 Electricity Use Activity, Personal Energy Audit Excel Spreadsheet
7W Carbon Abatement Republican Split and Options Solutions for MT posted
7W Guatemala Example Nicaragua, Casillas
Rosenfeld Efficiency LATimes
Please read over problem set #6
Act Start Second Self-Intervention – your choice
8M Efficiency 466-470, 475-481
Skim: Earthquakes from drilling?
Reposted a slightly edited PS#6. I’ve corrected the use of “cost” vs “price” in problem #3 and on the Excel Spreadsheet.
8M Lighting Efficiency
8W Heat Pump Efficiency 470-474
Meet at Pete’s House
8W Cool Roofs and Paradox Helicopter DateJevon’s Paradox
Act Lighting, Efficiency, Cool Roofs Visit Cal Poly Chill Water Facility, and look at lighting efficiency technologies in activity section.
9M Memorial Day Stay safe, please
9W Wind Power 443-446, 554-556
9W LCA and Biofuels Reduction in GHG Emissions?
Read Through the Renewable Energy Report – look at the graphs about growth in renewable energy capacity.
Eric Veium talks to class about rapid introduction of renewable energy.
10M PS#6 Q1 Video
10M TransportationB Read through and get the basic message of Lovins 1976 Road Not Taken
10W Solar PV 435-443
Check Solutions for PS #6!
Kammen on Coal
Fill out Student Evaluations at:
10W Concentrated Solar Managing increased renewable electricity Also, please fill out this survey and give it to Stan Steeper on Wednesday.
Act Win $5000 for your video at this contest
Final Exam Wednesday June 10 4:10 PM. Pot Luck?

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