PHYS 310 Spring 2017

Energy, Society, and the Environment. See a past class for problem sets, exams, and solutions.
MWF (in 53-206) 12:10 – 1:00

Pete Schwartz, Cal Poly Physics,, phone: 756-1220, office: 180-608
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Projects Page has each group’s project for this class.
Intervention Page Interventions are not part of your grade. You can consider this voluntary.

Find class policy and grading on our Syllabus.

Problem Sets: PS#1, PS#1 solutions, PS#2, PS#2 Solutions, PS#3, PS#3 Solutions, PS#4, PS#4 solutions, PS#5, (Pete’s Carbon Footprint Calculation), PS#5 Solutions, PS#6, Excel Spreadsheet for PS#6, PS#6 Solutions on Excel, PS#6 solutions from text problems, PS#7, PS#7_Solutions

Exams: BE#1 is questions 7 and 8 on PS#1, BE#1 Solutions, BE#2 Comments and Guidance, Midterm #1 Comments, MT#1 solutions, MT #2, Expanded MT #2 with comments, MT#3, MT#3 with help

Response to Feedback: Beginning of Wk3, End of Wk5, Student Evaluations, SurveyMonkey Results, Final Feedback Note

Weekly Timeline

Week 1 Intro, units, demographics
Week 2 Heat Flow, Engines. 1st Self Intervention – Don’t throw anything away
Week 3 Efficiency, Electricity Midterm Friday
Week 4 Grid and Smart Grid Peak Oil
Week 5 Climate Change
Week 6 Nuclear and air pollution, cooking Midterm Friday Midterm Friday
Week 7 Financial and Carbon Market
Week 8 Efficiency, renewable energy Midterm Friday
Week 9 Transportation (no class Monday)
Week 10 Wrapping-up, Projects Midterm Friday
Finals Week – preparing talks
Final Presentation: Wednesday, June 14, 10 AM – 1:00 PM. From the Final Exam Schedule

Notes to self on how to improve the class