PHYS 310 Spring 2019

Physics of Energy. See a past class for problem sets, exams, and solutions.
A similar energy class that is less technically rigorous, PSC-320, Winter 2019
MWF (in 53-201)12:10 – 1:00

Pete Schwartz, Cal Poly Physics,, phone: 756-1220, office: 180-608
Office Hours: M (11:10), T (12:10), W (2:10), R (1:10), F (10:10)
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Intervention Pages. when we change something about our lives and see what happens: 1st Self-Intervention: Don’t Throw Anything Away. 2nd Self-Intervention: Empathy Self-Intervention, 3rd Self-Intervention: Intervention of choice in two parts: for yourself and for the planet. Please log your experience here on our intervention shared document.

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Find class policy and grading on our syllabus.

Problem Sets: PS#1, PS#1_Solutions, PS#2, PS#2_Solutions, PS#3, PS#3_Solutions, PS#4, PS#4_Solutions, PS#5, PS#5_Solutions, Electricity Audit Spreadsheet, PS#6, PS6 Spreadsheet, PS#6_Solutions_on_Excel, Energy Audit Activity, PS#7, PS#7_Solutions, PS#8, PS#8_Solutions, PS#9 due Wednesday, June 5 (I may add problems to this problem set before Monday June 3), PS#9 solutions

Assessments: Big Exam #1 solutions, Assessment 1 Solutions, Assessment #2 Solutions, Assessment #3 Solutions, Assessment #4_Solutions, Assessment #5 Solutions, Assessment #6_solutions, Assessment #7 Solutions, Assessment #8 Solutions

Correspondence with RVB

Response to Feedback: End of week 3, feedback week 8

Weekly Timeline

Week 1 Intro, units, demographics
Week 2 Heat Flow, Engines. 1st Self Intervention – Don’t throw anything away
Week 3 Efficiency, Electricity  
Week 4 Grid and Smart Grid Peak Oil
Week 5 Climate Change
Week 6 Nuclear and air pollution, Financial  
Week 7 Efficiency
Week 8 Transportation  
Week 9 (no class Monday)
Week 10 Wrapping-up, Projects  
preparing talks
Final Presentation: Friday, June 14, 10 AM – 1:00 PM. From the Final Exam Schedule

Notes to self on how to improve the class