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Monday’s Class : Introductions, and general information test
Before Class

  • Read syllabus on main class website
  • Please take this short survey before Monday’s class
  • Please go to the project page (link on main class website). Take a look at the projects and consider which ones interest you… or maybe you have your own project you’re interested in?

ATTENTION: at 10:30 PM on Sunday, April 2, I realized that you didn’t yet have a class to enroll into to watch videos. I’ve added our class to PlayPosit, so please try again. Apologies if you had difficulty watching the videos (for Wednesday’s Class) before this time.

Wednesday’s Class :

Explain how wellbeing is coupled to wealth only for the very poor.

Identify different kinds of energy stocks and flows. Recognize 3 different primary energy sources

Make energy transition diagram from primary energy to radiant cooling.

Before Class

  • Intro_Energy_Conversion
  • Dropping_Rock_Conversion
  • Happiness_and_Energy_I
  • Rossling_Ignorance
  • Read 349-356, Global Energy
  • Help me determine office hours by filling out the doodle poll of when you’d like to have office hours. Office hours are a great place to work in groups and call me over when there is a challenge. Additionally, you can work in groups there even when I’m not having office hours!
  • I forgot to say yesterday that the added emphasis of the project takes the place of emphasis on homework. The class should demand about the same amount of time as historically, but your calculations will be more dedicated to your project than problem sets.
  • I posted Office Hours on the Main Class Website
  • Aid Africa is giving a talk for my appropriate technology class starting around 4:20 PM today, Wednesday in 180-107 and stay until 5:30 or later. Please join us if you like. Details and reading can be found on the appropriate technology timeline.
  • Check out PS#1 on the main class website.

During Class

After Class

  • Prepare

Friday: Please read PS#1 before class

How can we decouple wellbeing from CO2 emissions

Will the poor countries develop the same way we did? Is it important to us that they don’t?… the answer should be YES!

Before Class

  • Read PS#1 on the main class website.
  • Happiness Emissions Decoupling
  • Read about recent news in Global Happiness.
  • US Human Energy Flows or US Energy Flows. Which one do you like better?
  • Rising Consumption in Developing World
  • Global_Energy_Stocks_and_Flows see World Stocks Flows diagram
  • Units_and_Global_Use
  • Read in Text 368-374, Rates of Change, Power, Population
  • I changed my Friday office hours to 2:10 PM.
  • Here’s something for you to ponder, but you don’t have to if you’re done. In today’s NPR story, they showcase the lovely options we have for boarder walls with Mexico. One of them is continuous solar panels! They state, “generating what it says would be approximately 2.0 megawatts of electricity per hour“. This raises two questions in my mind:
    • What do you think they trying to say? Do you think the company actually reported that? What do you suppose they meant by that?
    • Taking a look at the wall in the picture, what kind of power production might you estimate? We’ll revisit this second question sometime down the road.

During Class

  • Big Exam #1

After Class

  • Don’t throw anything away for a week. Report your experience on the self intervention website (link on main website)