Project Description PSC 320 Spring 2015

Presentations will be during the three-hour final exam period. We will have a potluck brunch, as the final exam is from 10 AM – 1:00 PM.

1) I’d like to see groups of 3-4 students, and groups should be interdisciplinary. That is, there should be at least one science/engineering student as well as at least one student outside of science/engineering.
2) You will have a presentation for 5-15 minutes.
3) You may also produce a video less than 5 minutes for class, and post it by your project on the Self-Interventions and Projects website
4) If you make a video, you may play it during your presentation.

All the projects have to be “good” as judged by either the presentation or the video. This means:
– They include some demographic information. Some Gapminder groups would be great, for instance.
– There is some kind of energy technology explained.
– There is discussion of environmental impact.
– There is discussion of societal response.
– There is at least one well-explained calculation… that is correctly done. Now, it is worth expressing that the majority of the calculations in past projects were not done correctly. I will gladly look over your calculations before the presentations.
– Everyone should learn something from your presentation.