Project PSC 320 Winter 2019

Projects can have 3-5 students. They must be interdisciplinary – that is at least one technical student and at least one arts student. Please propose a project. Please put your name and contact information (if you like) by the project.

The project presentation is intentionally ill defined to allow maximum freedom for you to explore. However, some of the deliverables include:

  • One calculation related to the class material
  • One environmental concern, effect, benefit, or insight
  • One issue of societal transformation
  • One policy argument
  • One economic insight, calculation, or impact
  • One concept of equity, developing country, or environmental justice.
  • A short summary (~ one page with pictures) of your project to post on this website


Rooftop Solar, SunWork (Sabina, Nikki, Paulo, Alice). Final Presentation: Rooftop Solar & California Grid

Solar Electricity, SunWork, and California Electricity (Eva, Avory, Danica, Denise, Juan) Solar Energy, and here’s Another Presentation

Living Machines as a way to process/recycle waste water (Lizzie, Abbie, Martin, Sydra) Presented March 15, 2019 at Student Boycott for the Environment. Living Machines Project Report, Pres. Armstrong Letter

Education (Maddy, Isabel, Nick, Christina) Teaching Environment to Children

Insulated Solar Electric Cooking in Nepal (Holly, Tashi, Sergio, Andre, Lara). Final Presentation

Solarize Africa: Economics (Ben and Marc). Final Presentation of Solarize Africa
Akon supports rural African Electrification with Akon Lighting Africa… I’m wondering about “Akon Cooking Africa”, what say?

Recycling and why it’s so lit! (Mallory, Mallory, Sean, Thomas), Recycling