Project SUSTAIN Physics, S15

Project requirements

1) Groups of 2-4 students. If you have more than 4 students, I will have higher expectations for meeting the criteria below.
2) Project of your choice, but I can provide some questions. Last quarter most projects started in week 9, resulting in consider stress for many students. This quarter’s material is divided into three parts, so it may be a good idea to start on an oscillator or wave project as soon as possible, and get a video link to our webpage by mid quarter.
3) Produce video less than 5 minutes for class and post it on the Projects link (see link on class website).
4) I may post your video for the class to see, so when you post the YouTube link, please also send me questions for Educanon, and state where those questions might be placed.
5) I’d like to receive a proposal for a video from each group by Friday of week 4, on the Projects link (see link on class website).
This will include a statement of when you anticipate sending me the link to the youtube video.

Grades: to receive an “A”, your project will do all of the following
1) Your group picks an example that draws on the class material, but is unique from the lessons we have learned in class. For instance, don’t do something like this one on relativity even though the video was good. Also, please don’t do something from mechanics. You can
– pick one topic we studied and go more in depth,
– build something and show how it works or conduct an experiment
– report on something that draws on what we’ve learned
– analyze some physical motion or device
… If you’re not sure, please ask me.
2) You will adequately explain the underlying physics with direct references to the lens or lenses we are learning.
3) Your example will be quantitative and correct, or at least somehow verifiable. As a counter example Falling out of an airplane was a video that was really well done, but didn’t have any relevant physics in it.
4) Your video audio and visuals will be of high enough quality to completely understand what you are conveying. For instance, the video on variable moment of inertia yo-yo was a great experiment, but I couldn’t present it to students because of the poor quality.
5) You submit your link to me before Friday of week 8.

… If you can teach me something I wasn’t aware of before, I’ll be extra impressed! For instance, I’d never really thought too much about Throwing a knife

To get a “B”, your video will achieve 4 of the above 5 goals
To get a “C”, your video will achieve 2 of the above 5 goals

Your final grade will be affected according to the rubric set up on the syllabus website (accessible from the main class website).