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Project page for PSC-320, Winter 2020

Final Presentations: Wednesday, March 18, 10 AM – 1 PM/

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1 Providing Electricity for the Homeless in Santa Clara. I received this note from Alysson. Please contact her and see what we might be able to do. Please read about Dignity Village in Portland Area and learn about the Homeless. What do we have to offer? Maybe technologies related to Pete’s Research. Teresa Marcial
Brian P
Bailey S
John L
2 Insulated Solar Electric Cooking and our efforts in Ghana, Uganda, Sierra Leone. Please see our research website.
3 Future of Nuclear Energy (fission)
4 Future of Nuclear Energy (fusion)
5 Teaching Energy Awareness at Teach Elementary school. Please see this description from (super wonderful nice) Janet Crabb. Amanda H
Nicholas A
Samuel S
Ava W
6 SLO CCA, What’s it all about? On January 1, 2020, there was a major change in the way electricity is distributed in San Luis Obispo … in conjunction with Monterey Bay. Here is an intro document to learn about this so you can teach the rest of us. Our own Eric H. Veium <>, is the original mover for this proposal. Jasmin C
Maia H
Grace W
Sage R
7 Heat Pumps replacing Heaters? I don’t have a heater at my house and it’s cold in the winter. I hear that heat pumps will be cheaper and environmentally more responsible, so I should get one. Please research this for me and deliver a recommendation for my house and let me know how much it will cost and what the environmental benefit is over a regular heater. We study Heat Pumps in ~ week 7, so you might as well start with that video:

  • See video: Heat Pump Efficiency and slides
  • Note: Heat pumps don’t pump hot air from cold to hot, they move thermal energy to a hotter place. Can you explain the difference?
Sara D
John M
Kendall N
Talia P-O
Chris K.
8 Cal Poly Campus Energy Reduction. Talk to Eric H. Veium <> Shanti H
Jorim H
Justin L
Marlee Y
9 Future of wind/wave energy on the California Coast Rachel G
Colin Michael Scharff
Truit S
Ryan T
10 Tomato Processing with Solar. I recently received an Email from Theunis Woest <>: “I came across your YouTube video, Solar electric cooking in Uganda. My interest is agri-processing projects in Africa. I would like to engage with parties with expertise such as yours.” I followed up and Theunis sent me this PPT: WEST AFRICA TOMATO PROCESSING. Please have one person contact Theunis at above Email to follow up. Copy me in the correspondence, Karah B
Kevin B
Jordan C
Isabella F
11 ISEC in Tijuana, Liam C
Connor G
Jamie M
Diego R