PSC 320 Winter 2017

Energy, Society, and the Environment. See a past class for problem sets, exams, and solutions.
MWF (in 53-215) 12:10 – 1:00, with activity Thursday (in 180-270), 12:10 – 2:00 or 2:10 – 4:00
Final Exam: Monday, March 20, 10 AM – 1:00 PM.

Pete Schwartz, Cal Poly Physics,, phone: 756-1220, office: 180-608
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Self-Interventions and Projects

Office hours: M(11:10), T(12:10), W(1:10), F(11:10), F(2:10)
Find class policy and grading on our Syllabus.

Self Interventions: Just add to the top of the past Don’t Throw Away Page, Empathy Intervention, and Self

Please See: the Projects website where you can post your project, and the Project Description so you know how to do your project.

Problem Sets: PS#1, PS#1 Solutions, PS#2, PS#2 Solutions, PS#3, PS3 Solutions and comments, PS#4, PS#4 student solutions, PS#4 Pete answers some questions, PS#5 (Pete’s Carbon Footprint Calculation), PS#6, PS#6 Solutions, PS#7, PS#7 Solutions, PS#8, PS#8 Answers

Activities: 1. Calorimetry

Exams: Big Exam #1 Response, Big Exam! #2, Big Exam! #2 Answers. Big Exam #3 (that we never took) and BE3 solutions. MT1 Prep Info, MT#1 with some comments, Big Exam #4 is Q2 in PS#6, Big Exam #5 (Done in Class 2-22-17). Big Exam #5 Solutions, MT#2, MT#2-Pete’s Answers, Big exam #6, my comments Big Exam #7 were two questions 1,3 from PS#8. Please see posted answers

Response to Friday Feedback: Week 2, Week 5, final presentation feedback, Final Student Evaluations Final note to students .pdf, FNS .doc

ATTENTION: I found that I in order to adequately organize this class, I needed to expand the information week by week. So for the material related to class, please pick the appropriate week below. I apologize for the change. This format has served my other classes much better than a single table.

Week 1 Intro, units, demographics
Week 2 Heat Flow, Engines. Monday MLK Day Start 1st Self Intervention – Don’t throw anything away
Smarter Every Day Internal Combustion Engines
Week 3 Efficiency, Electricity
Week 4 Grid and Smart Grid Peak Oil Midterm #1, Thursday
Week 5 Climate Change Part 1 of Project Due
Week 6 Nuclear and air pollution, cooking Diablo team comes to talk on Friday
Week 7 Financial and Carbon Market Midterm #2, Thursday
Week 8 Efficiency, renewable energy, Wind
Week 9 Transportation
Week 10 Wrapping-up, Projects Thursday, FINAL WRITTEN EXAM
Final Presentation: Monday, March 20, 10 AM – 1:00 PM. From the Final Exam Schedule

Notes to self on how to improve the class