PSC320 W18 Wk2

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Wednesday’s Class (MEETS at 5:10 PM): We study the Flow of Heat

Before Class

  • Heat Flow: Please see this video (Heat Flow ) and follow with the slides (Heat Flow Slides)
  • Finish problem set #1 (on main class website). See PS#2 posted on main class website.
  • See the video of Calculating power of one student
  • How about the power of one super athlete?
  • Please see this video about Scaling
  • Read through the projects and put your name and contact information by one or two projects that interest you most.
  • If you haven’t already, please go to the self intervention page (link on main website) and read about the intervention that should have started Friday (but I forgot to talk about it) but can start now and last a week.
  • We decided Friday, that we would meet at 4:10 PM only on Fridays so, see you at 5:10 PM this Wednesday!
  • There are two important opportunities for possible project activity:
    • Are you Pro-nuclear?… how about anti-nuclear? Maybe “nuclear curious”… Maybe you want free pizza? In any case, you can eat and talk about it at the second Cal Poly Nuclear Club Meeting. It’s next Wednesday, Jan 17… at 6 PM, immediately after class! Please see this announcement and RSVP. Then you can tell us Friday what it was all about.
    • Are you interested in SLO environmental activism? Then consider this meeting next week immediately after class… free pizza.

During Class

After Class

  • Prepare for the Heat Engine Exercises for tomorrow (see below)

Friday’s Activity: Heat Engines and Personal Power
We are going to continue having a section open at noon, but you are all welcome to come at 2:00 PM if you’d like to be together.

Before our activity, please see this video about how I calculated my power output, and remember the two videos you saw for Wednesday about calculating power output. Note* I just uploaded this assignment at 11 AM Friday, so if you didn’t see it before activity section, please see it durning activity section.

See how Heat Engines Work,
Calculate your personal Power.
Work on your group project.

Friday’s Class (MEETS at 4:00 PM in 180-270 (our activity room): Heat Engines

Before Class

  • Start 1st Self Intervention: Don’t Throw Anything Away for a week. Please collect and keep your refuse: garbage, recyclables, what’s left from takeout food, compost (you can separate the compost). After one week, please categorize everything as to where it will ideally go: compost, batteries and lightbulbs, plastic bags (go to super market special recycling), recyclable, and landfill. Take a picture and upload it to your computer. You can post it along with your narrative of what the process was like for you at the self intervention website (link on main class website).
  • Problem Set #2 is posted on main class website. Due Monday in class.
  • Heat Engines Video and Slides
  • Smarter Every Day Internal Combustion Engines amazing slow motion coverage of a transparent ICE (internal combustion engine).
  • See this video of Jet Engines for Rocket Scientists.
  • please check out the website: Animated Engines that relates to the problem set due Monday.
  • see this video: How I make a new Webpage
  • Pleas read in NPR Carbon Capture vs. Renewable Energy?
  • See PS #2 posted on main class website

During Class

  • Check out Heat Engines
  • Pick Projects
  • Feedback

After Class:
Consider supporting Sarah’s Dance Performance this weekend or next weekend.