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Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Monday’s Class : Chris Read, future SLO Sustainability Czar is healthy again, and will speak with us. Please go back to last week and read about him again if you are able.

Before Class

During Class
Chris Read, future SLO Sustainability Czar is healthy again, and will speak with us.

After Class
Chris sent the following information:

Chris Read
Senior Energy Program Coordinator
County of San Luis Obispo

Wednesday’s Class

Before Class

After Class

  • Please finish your empathy intervention statement.

Friday : Chris Read comes to talk about community choice aggregate.

Before Class

  • Chris Read the new SLO sustainability Czar will be here to talk to us at 4:00 PM. Please read the following to prepare: Diablo Findings – exciting 60 page document, but you can just read the findings and conclusion, starting on page 57.
    The Climate Action Plan for San Luis Obispo, authored by a group of Cal Poly Students with Professor Adrienne Grieve in CRP. At least read the executive summary. Renewable Portfolio Standard: I encourage students to use the google machine to figure out how RPS is attached to the state’s climate goal (as codified in AB32 and SB32) and how related legislation helps (e.g., SB350) (related: should energy efficiency be counted as an energy resource?).
    Demand response (demand side management or shedding or shifting load) This is a good start:
    Please read just the summary from this article by Christopher Weare to understand the cause of the Cal Electricity Crisis and how to prevent it.
    Please know what Community Choice Aggregation is when you come into class. You can read about it on Wikipedia, or see Lean Energy’s Description.

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During Class

  • We’re going to the chill water facility at 3:10 PM, Long pants, close toed shoes please.

After Class