Week 6, PSC 320 Winter 2019




Nuclear II

Before Class

  • First and foremost: read this NPR interview with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Green New Deal! Please also hear the podcast that you can access on the right near the top. What does she say that that you find is supported by this class? What might she have done better?
  • Please read about and start the empathy self-intervention. You can find the link to the website on the main class website.
  • last 5 years were hottest 5 years in last century. Please see the animation in this article about the temperature rise.
  • Finish PS#4 to turn in today.
  • See the video: How about the nuclear power we have yet to control: Fusion
  • Please see video Nuclear Safety
  • Please see the slides if you like.
  • Please see this video / read the article. Subramanian The numbers in this paper are important. Please know them.
  • Maybe I’m wrong to dismiss nuclear in our energy future. See this video explaining why.

Wednesday’s Class: Climate Change, the Policy and Politics.

Before Class

During Class

Friday’s Class 

Before Class

During Class: We will visit Cal Poly’s thermal storage facility – the Mustang Water Tank – just down hill from the dinning complex. We will leave from our classroom at the beginning of class, but feel free to join us at the water tank at 10:15 if you prefer.


  • Activity session: Having a discussion about materials for class prep, evaluating bills or taking a hike? pending weather.