Week 7, PSC 320 Winter 2019

Monday: no class because of President’s Day, but we have class on….
Tuesday!!!: Before Class


Before Class

  • Fusion again? In class, I proclaimed that fusion (like the fuel cell car) has been, is today, and will always be the energy technology of the future. However, There are people that know way WAY more than me about fusion who disagree. Please pleaselisten to this MIT pod cast with Dennis Whyte of MIT’s Plasma Physics and Fusion Center. I did my senior project on a tokamak at MIT’s Plasma Physics Center when I was an undergraduate. After listening to the pod cast, I want to know, who do you agree with more: the leading expert in fusion, or me (dropped out of a fusion program after 2 years at PPPL)… and why? What might I be missing? What might Dennis be missing? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, but the issues it brings up are important ones.
  • Please see Story of Stuff
  • Please see Pete’s Energy Experiments at Home
  • Driving to Net Zero, Stories of Hope for a Carbon-Free Future is a book Edited by David Hrivnak. Please read chapter 8, which I wrote about our house: Ten Years with a Bucket of Shit, and My Efforts to Live Consistent With My Values.
  • (don’t bother reading) This article describes how the cost of climate change is more than what has been already calculated because the impact will be much greater on the days of greatest strain on the electrical system.
  • Pease see Jerry Brown Speaks about Art Rosenfeld on how he changed the world toward energy efficiency. Read about it more if you like at his LBL website.

During Class

Friday’s class:

Friday’s Activity Section: Midterm #2

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We meet at Pete’s House at 2:20 or so to Talk With Roger Burton, and teach him about Climate Change Public Outreach.
You can Email Roger at rogersburton@gmail.com

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Before Class

  • Please see video Efficiency and see efficiency slides
  • Please finish your Empathy interventions and post them!
  • Please read through the Empathy self interventions of your colleagues in the class.
  • Submit to me via Email a summary or beginning of your project. This could be a written page with a few graphics, a ppt presentation with a few slides, or some other means.
  • Please look up Roger Burton and think about what you want to tell him about climate change and your future.
  • Going green is both ethical and financially advisable? This was thought ridiculous 10 years ago. Now, it’s common knowledge.
  • Ponder this question… I’ve had two people already ask me what to make of the last part of the first MT#2 question: What do you see as the role of USA as an international leader in energy development?
    Have you thought about this question already? What do you think?

During Class

  • We talk to Roger!
  • Projects – We Email to Pete each group summary of your proposed final presentation.
  • We meet at Pete’s House at 2:20 or so to Talk With Roger Burton, and teach him about Climate Change Public Outreach.

After Class

  • Finish and log your second self intervention: Empathy Self-Intervention. Recognize when you’ve “otherized” someone – established them as “the other” and see how this gives you the ability to dismiss the validity of their perspective. Then endeavor to “walk a mile in their shoes”, see their behavior as something that you do, see the world through their eyes. Recognize how they are the same as you, or where you have similarities.