Research Team, Summer 2018

Exploring radically inexpensive solar electricity, at the Cal Poly Physics Department,

From left, back: Andy, Grace, Jojo, Aarthi, Matt; front: Adeel, Pete, Brandon. Missing, Nate, Connor

Pete Schwartz,, Originally from Buffalo, NY, has been at Cal Poly since 2000. I keep busy with introductory physics classes, advising this research, and being a dad and husband in a California blended family with two active, demanding teenagers. More about Pete

Nathan Heston, More about Nate

Jojo FleischmanI am a fourth year General Engineering major at Cal Poly and grew up in Anchorage Alaska. I am also a part of Engineers Without Borders, and enjoy being outside either biking, running, or rock climbing in my free time.

Brandon Dela Cruz,, Grew up in San Jose, CA and transferred to Cal Poly for the 2017-2018 academic year into physics. In addition with gaining research/lab experience with this team on the solar electric charging project, I also run the Minna no Anime club at Cal Poly as the current president.

Andy, I am currently  working  on the Solar Ice Project, and am going into my fourth year as a mechanical engineering student at Cal Poly. I am originally from Salt Lake City, Utah and I like to ski, camp, and take pictures/videos of just about anything.

Adeel Ali,, I am a Physics major finishing up my final quarter at Cal Poly. I’ve invested my time working on the Solar Ice Project to learn more about making ice with solar energy and no moving parts! I’m also extremely passionate about community service so I volunteer at local homeless shelters with Cal Poly’s on-campus volunteering organization, Student Community Services.

Connor Peebles,, I am working on the project to preserve grain by recharging desiccants. I am going into my third year after recently switching majors from Earth and Soil Sciences to Physics. I am from Simi Valley, California and my hobbies are running, mountain biking, and video games.

Matthew Walker,, I’m currently in the fourth year of my General Engineering program here at Cal Poly. I’m approaching my second year working on the Immersion Heater and my third year working with Pete. When I’m not working on Renewable Energy/Sustainability projects, I’m usually outside longboarding, slacklining, camping, climbing, or free-running. I also enjoy cooking (with or without solar).

Grace Gius,, I am originally from the San Francisco East Bay Area. As a sophomore in Environmental Engineering, I’m a big fan of the outdoors – tide pooling, hiking, and wildlife watching are all hobbies of mine. I also like to experiment with food, traditions, and religions of different cultures. I work with Matt on the Immersion Heater.

Aarthi Muthukumar,, I’m currently a junior in high school, and I am working on the Immersion Heater, specifically finding the thermal conductivity of the composites that we use in the heater. I am from the San Francisco East Bay, and I love hiking and drawing.