Schwartz Promotion Application 2016

Index, Pete Schwartz Promotion Application 2016
I, Pete Schwartz of the Cal Poly Physics Department am applying for promotion to full professor in the 2016 – 2017 academic year.
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Updates in the evaluation process and updated current resume

Part I, Summary of Application Materials
A. Introduction and Table of Contents (this page)
B. Resume
C. Summary of Grades Assigned
D. Summary of Student Evaluations
E. Statement of Teaching Philosophy and Approach
F. Professional Plan
G. Case for Promotion (accomplishments as associate professor) and Professional Plan for the Future
H. Response to Previous Evaluations and Letters of Support

Part II, More Extensive Materials for Evaluation This section has little information in it because all these materials are accessible in the appropriate context in Part I. Materials that are not public, such as final exams and submitted manuscripts are not included here.
A. Comprehensive teaching materials are accessible via class websites resume (B above). I also provide a representative summary
B. Scholarship – see links in resume, Professional Plan, and Case for Promotion (above), Publications are available on E. Confidential Documents
C. Service / University Citizenship – see links in resume, Professional Plan, and Case for Promotion (above)
D. Other

  • Guateca, the Intercultural, Collaborative Summer Program in Guatemala
  • Comprehensive Student Evaluations are available via links in D. Student Evaluations, Part I

E. Confidential Documents in a separate file to be on the disk submitted with my application

  1. Submitted Manuscript: Insulated Solar Electric Cooking – Tomorrow’s Healthy Affordable Stoves?, T. Watkins*, P. Arroyo*, R. Perry*, R. Wang*, O. Arriaga*, M. Flemming*, C. O’Day*, I. Stone*, J. Sekerak*, D. Mast*, N. Hayes*, P. Keller, P. Schwartz, Development Engineering, submitted September, 2016 Abstract
  2. Provisionally accepted Manuscript: Focusing on Concepts by Covering Them Simultaneously, P. Schwartz, The Physics Teacher, submitted September, 2015, Revisions: August, 2016, accepted Oct, 2016 Summary
  3. What Does it Mean to Open Education? Perspectives on Using OER from the Field at a U. S. Public University, L. Vanasupa, A. Wiley, L. Schlemer, D. Ospina, P. Schwartz, D. Wilhelm, C. Waitinas, K. Hall; Chapter in P. Blessinger and T. J. Bliss (Eds), Open Education: International Perspectives in Higher Education, Cambridge, UK: OpenBook Publishers, (to be published January 2017). I significantly contributed to the discussions and writing. Abstract
  4. Final Exams for PHYS-141, PHYS-132, PHYS-310, and PSC-320
  5. Confidential Video of Electric Bug Vacuum prototype

My Application is Public Online?
I am presenting my application online ( because I think that it provides a learning opportunity for myself, other faculty, and those outside of academe. College faculty are generally curious about everything and usually like to share information. One interesting exception is the confidentially that surrounds our efforts to be hired, retained, tenured, and promoted. How much do we share studies about ourselves? My application may be particularly interesting because this is the fourth time I’ve applied for promotion to full professor since 2011, as I discuss in “Response to Previous Evaluations” above in Part 1, H. In presenting my application and promotion progress on this website, I look forward to what I will learn in the spirit of Cal Poly’s “learn by doing” tradition.

My application is due on November 1, 2016. After this point, I will lock the website for application materials. However, I will update the evaluation process, and my live CV (links above).

For the past few years, my classes have been organized and facilitated openly online through wikispaces. Additionally, much of the course material is in about 200 videos I have made and delivered via an interactive format through PlayPosit. As I assemble my application materials I recognize increased freedom that the online format allows; or the traditional application submission process appears increasingly limited.

In the process of documenting my experience at Cal Poly, I make reference to others. Concerned that exposure in a public document may be unwanted, I have either not referred to people by their actual names, or have left documents in the form of a screenshot so that the names will not appear on a web search.

“We will either make it across to the other side with the maturity to “think like a planet” or the planet will just move on without us.” – Adam Frank on NPR