Self Intervention PSC 320 Spring 2015

Starting Tuesday of Week 4, please don’t throw anything away – that includes food waste, recyclables, food packing, plastic forks, beverage cans, garbage. Please bring it all home and keep it for a week. After one week, please sort all your garbage and decide exactly what you think should happen with each category. Please record your experience on this webpage and upload a picture of your garbage.

Pete: I will start tonight, Thursday, April 16. Tekuru and I go to farmer’s market and get dinner and I bring the related waste items back home. This is largely how I live anyway. My challenge is where to draw the boundary between myself and my family. OK, I forgot and threw something away this weekend at the Open House. I’m starting again now for a week. The Open House was interesting though. Zero Waste had a clear presence – a booth by every eating vendor. They collected Landfill, Recyclable, and Compost separately. Monday April 20th – OK, I successfully started yesterday, and already have lots from bringing home takeout food. Robin said, “Oh, but “I can throw them away.” because she’s not doing the intervention. I told her that it doesn’t work that way. So I have my plastic bag filling by the door at the beginning of my second day. I find myself catching myself tossing stuff out and then pulling it back out of the trash.