Spring 16 Mechanics Week 7

Day 1, Midterm #2 is this Thursday

Before Class

WOW, I watched the video myself and … really it’s fast. It’s hard for me to follow it (and I made it). I remind you that I condense these discussions as much as possible. They are meant to be stopped every few seconds so you can take notes on the video or just think about what was said.

  • Check out PS#7 – just posted. You can even do the first problem!
  • PS#6 is due today. Because the videos address the new material, and PS#6 material is from videos and discussions last week, I’d like to collect PS#6 at the beginning of class, and concentrate on systems.

In Class

  • Energy examples with a frictionless system of masses.

After Class

Day 2: More about Systems – Big Exam today.

Before Class

In Class

  • Dynamics
  • Tug-O-War

Day 3:
Before Class – Review:

  • See video on Pulling a Sled
  • See video on Fuzzy Dice
  • Here is the centripetal acceleration video again, but with Trig. This is optional. It doesn’t log you in as a student. You are welcome to watch the whole thing to review it, but if you want to see the trig part, start at minute 6. It lasts about a minute.
  • Solutions to PS#6 posted.
  • Solutions to PS#7 posted.

….. OK, update on “power posing” remember the video I had you see about body position and success? It seems to be disproven by two other scientific studies. I quote:
“…we want to highlight the yawning gap between the news media, science celebrities, and publicists on one side, and the general scientific community on the other. To one group, power posing is a scientifically established fact and an inspiring story to boot. To the other, it’s just one more amusing example of scientific overreach. So let’s put power posing where it belongs, alongside the claim that college men with fat arms are more likely to have certain political attitudes and that ovulating women are more likely to wear red.”
…What’s amusing to me is that when I stretch, I can feel the surge of testosterone. Is this real? Sure, it’s scientifically backed up: the placebo effect.

In Class:
After Class

  • I’ll post solutions to PS#7 – let me know if I forget.
  • Prepare for MT2 – TOMORROW: I bet you would like to see past MT#2. Here they are:

Winter 2016:
MT#2, MT#2_Answers, MT#2_Solutions,

Fall 2015:
MT#2, MT#2 with answers, MT#2 Solutions,
Now, you want my advice? Do MT#2 in one hour with your formula sheet with no help, under test conditions. Then read the answers and check your work and hash it out with your friends. See the solutions only after you have spent at least 2 hours on it. But that’s just my advice.

Before Class – Review:

Day 4: Midterm #2.

Before Class

  • Did you prepare your formula sheet?
  • Test yourself without the answers?
  • Teach the stuff you’re not sure of to someone else?

During Class

  • Midterm!
  • Hand in PS#7