Spring 17 Mechanics Week 10

Wow, last week of classes. We will review material while exploring new questions. Additionally, we will add trigonometry and you will be allowed to use the two kinematic formulas that most classes introduce in the first week of classes, now that you are able to solve questions without these formulas.


  • Please see Precession by Veritassium , a super professionally made video. You’ll let me know if it’s more helpful than my video.
  • PS #9 due Today. Please finish it up.
  • PS #10 posted on main class website. Please check out all the problems and think about how you’ll do them.
  • Please check my evaluation of your website – on the website page. I’m almost done with all the videos… Probably I’ll be done by 10 AM
  • Please see: Big Picture Rotation Video that includes precession.
  • See work on an inclined plane video.
  • Thanks for our discussion Thursday regarding the Paris Agreement. I referred to a letter I wrote to our commissioners regarding green innovation and the California Economy. Read it if you like.

During Class
We’ve got a week to review and work some problems.

Before Class

  • Please see the feedback for your video on our video page. Please also see two other videos from your colleagues and read my feedback for them. Let me (and them) know if I missed anything or got something wrong. Please figure out with your group what your response is going to be: Write up some corrections or responses or rebuttals, change the video, make a new better video of the same project, change to a different project and make a whole new video. If there are serious problems with your video, you have until Saturday night June 10 to correct the problem and get back to me about it.
  • See Trigonometry Video , now you’re allowed to use trigonometry, but remember you can also always draw a picture if you’re not sure.
  • See Kinematics Video and then you’re allowed to use those two unhelpful (in my opinion) equations, although hopefully, you’ve realized by now that you can get along without them just fine.
  • Please do the forth mechanics concept survey
  • Optional: Here is an old precession video I made a few years ago. It’s long and slow with lousy graphics, but it has over 3000 views, so some people found it helpful: Pete’s OLD Precession Video

During Class

  • finding coefficient of friction… no Big Exam, we have too much to do

After Class


Before Class

In Class:
Falling off a ladder.
Going over

After Class
class left.jpg
class right.jpg

Thursday: Last Day of Class: Bring your bike to class day!!
first hour
Before Class

  • Surveys: Please take the university survey for this class. The link was sent to you via Email.
  • Bicycle Transmission,
  • See video from your colleagues Toy Car Catapult
  • Solutions for PS#9 posted, Solutions for PS#10 posted
  • Please see assigned videos for Tuesday if you didn’t get to see them already. I’ve made the deadline Friday (tomorrow).
  • Please do this fifth and final mechanics concept survey!
  • Hey in doing the last question on PS#10, remember that the disks were at a radius of 20 cm from the center of the spinning wheel, and moved 60 cm horizontally as they fell 110 cm to the floor. Also remember that the slide when the surface was inclined about 20 degrees with respect to the horizontal.

In Class:

  • Course Redesign
  • Bring your bike to class day! we explore bicycle transmission.

After Class
See video on solution for 2D inelastic collision from a problem set from years past.