Spring 17 Mechanics Week 7

We look at the parallel axis theorem and consider how it can make a problem easier to solve.

Before Class

  • Problem set and midterm solutions posted.
  • Hand in your improvements for project #1.
  • Watch Parallel Axis Theorem
  • Please read 6.2 Center of Mass here
  • Please read 6.3 Parallel Axis Theorem here


Before Class

I found 5 old review questions and solutions kicking around. Please see: solutions to 1-4, #5

Want to see last fall’s midterm??:

  • From Fall 2016: MT#2, with two more (underlined) questions for greater practice MT#2 Solutions
  • Want to see more? Just go to the shared curriculum website and see the old
  • Keep in mind two things:
    • The curriculum has changed, so MT#2 from classes before Fall 2016 may be of limited value… or you will be surprised to see material we haven’t covered and won’t be on your MT #2.
    • Our MT#2 may be a little different from Fall 2016 in that I may ask you to discuss some questions without solving them.

During Class

  • BIG EXAM! and preparing for MT#2

Wednesday, Midterm #2

Thursday: 2D mechanics (no trig).
We have done linear mechanics in a straight line and rotational mechanics. Now we will introduce components, angles, and trigonometry and spend the last three weeks reviewing the same curriculum with the inclusion of angles. This is a great opportunity to improve conceptual knowledge.

Before class

  • Do the MT#2 in fine form. The exam is posted on the main website along with an additional very important extra question that I so would have loved to put on MT#2 but for the lack of time. So, please address this as if it were the last 10 minutes of the midterm.
  • Notes for final exam – don’t let your formula sheet get any longer. As we add a few (very few) new formulas, you will want to drop others that are obvious to you now. ALSO, we need to move the desks over a little to your left. I don’t know how they get so compacted on the window side. Do we humans grow toward the light?
  • Please read through the problem set #7 due next Monday before watching the videos so you know what you’re looking for. Do as much of the problem set as you can.
  • Watch Intro Video to 2 Dimensions (3.8 minutes)
  • See the video on estimating vector components (1.5 minutes)
  • See the video on 2D Components of Force (8.5 minutes)
  • See 2-D kinematics (3.5 minutes) Also see cool HS Website
  • Watch this famous music video… how did they make that video? I mean, do you love it? You’ve seen it already, right?

In Class

  • Review Midterm #2
  • Practice Components