Spring 17 Mechanics Week 8


In Class

  • Talk about projects – Project proposal due by this Wednesday.
  • Practice slack lining?
  • Mistake I made with pulling string on wheel?

After Class

This week we continue exploring vector components and how we can decompose them into perpendicular components. We look at the Conical Pendulum… or Tetherball problem, and we look at how a point mass can have angular momentum.

For Tuesday,

first hour, we look at how a point mass (radius = 0) can have angular momentum
Before Class

During Class

  • Throw something at me

Wednesday: we look at the conical pendulum
Before Class

During Class

Practice problems.
Plan video project. Proposed video projects should be posted by Tuesday night, Nov. 15.


Before Class

  • PS#8 posted. Due Tuesday in class. Please take a look at it.
  • PS#7 solutions and MT#2 solutions posted. Please read them as soon as possible. Don’t let too much learning backlog accumulate for exam week!
  • I posted rather complete solutions for MT#2 and Solutions to PS#7 on the main class website. I spent several hours on it, so please take a look and tell me if my efforts were worth it.
  • Please see the video on angular momentum: Wheel Kick and Angular Momentum
  • Veritassium Which Block Goes Higher?
  • See this short video on Angular Momentum and Figure Skating
  • Solutions to MT#2 posted on main website, PS#8 solutions posted on main website. Please make sure as soon as possible that you would get all these problems correct if you were to encounter them again.
  • Please do the second 10 question concept survey!

In Class

  • Big Exam #7

After Class

  • Please read and try the problems on PS#8 posted on main website