Spring 2015 PSc 320

Tuesday, Thursday 9:40 – 11:00 AM in 108-262
Mandatory Activity Sections (180-269): Friday 10:10 AM – noon (PSC 320-02), or Friday 12:10 – 2:00 PM (PSC 320-03)
Final Exam: Thursday, June 11, 10 AM

Pete Schwartz, Cal Poly Physics, Pete’s Classes, Pete’s Webpage: pschwart@calpoly.edu, 756-1220, 180-608
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Learning in a “flipped” classroom where most of the material is introduced via videos outside of class. This leaves class time for special guests, activities, discussion about energy policies, and group work.
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Problem Sets: PS#1, PS#1_Solutions, PS#2, PS#2 Solutions, PS#3, PS#3_Solutions, PS#4, PS#4Q1 solution, PS#5, PS#5_Solutions, PS#6, Excel Spreadsheet, PS#6_solutions, PS#7, PS#7 Solutions

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wk Videos Readings Learning Objectives
1T No Class because of Cesar Chavez Day Read about Cesar Chavez: Cesar Chavez Wikipedia
1R Energy Transitions Pollution in China affects USA? Identify different kinds of energy stocks and flows
Recognize 3 different primary energy sources
Make energy transition diagram from primary energy to radiant cooling
1R Energy Flow Video China Pollution
World Stocks Flows US Energy Flows
1F Global Energy Flow Video Make a Calorimeter How do we calculate energy and power? How do we look up energy densities? How do we make a calorimeter?
2T Wealth – Wellbeing
Moyers: USA wealth gap
2T Health and Well-being II
Rosling: Poverty Statistics
China Happiness Reflection Explain how wellbeing is coupled to wealth only for the very poor.
How can we decouple wellbeing from CO2 emissions
2R Heat Flow
2R Heat Engines
Animated Engines
Animated Engines handout, please check out the website: Animated Engines Draw and Explain how the following work:Piston Internal Combustion Engines (2 Stroke and 4 Stroke)
Turbine Cycles: Rankine and Brayton Cycles
Stirling Engines and the early Steam Engines
2F Activity in Lab Lonny talks from 11-12
Check out Lonny on his TEDx talk
Heat Engines and Cogen facility? How do we compress, heat (often explode), expand gas to turn chemical (to heat to) physical work (kinetic energy)
3T Combustion
Celest 425 W
3T Conversion Efficiency
3R Electricity Generation
3R Electrical Transmission http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_power_transmission Electricity Use Activity, Personal Energy Audit Excel Spreadsheet
3F Activity in Lab Electrical Generation, Electrical Motors Do we understand how we use magnets to generate electricity from mechanical (kinetic) energy, or how we convert electrical energy to kinetic energy with motors. Think mechanical electrical transducers
4T Electrical Grid http://www.caiso.com/
Start First Self Intervention
4T Electricity Markets HEY, I’m a little late getting these last two videos up (“Electricity Markets” and “Cal Energy Crisis, Smart Grid”), there is only one question at the end of them. I encourage you to take notes and be read with questions during class.
4T Cal Energy Crisis, Smart Grid Cal Energy Crisis, WikipediaSmart Meters, NYTimes

Consumer Awareness Study

NOTE!! PS#3, question 1e) we noticed that you can not find the combustion temperature for the Veyron on the web, but you can find many references to the general Otto Cycle. The temperature I found on one website is 1830 K.
4R Peak Oil
4R Getting Tight Oil and Gas Fracking and Earthquakes NPR
4F Start 1st Self-intervention.
Could we visit Diablo Nuclear Power Facility some time this week?
5T Nuclear Technology First Nuclear Reactor Approved in USA Solutions posted for PS#3
5T Fusion
5R Nuclear Safety NY Times New OPEC Solutions for Q1 of PS#4 posted
5R Nuclear Waste, Cost Hansen to Congress
Kammen on Life Cycle Costs of Nuclear
NYTimes Yucca
Yucca Mt. Repository Wikipedia
5F Activity Midterm – 1 hr exam
HEY! In the last video, I had a question that asked if the amount of coal we were using had changed. I had the wrong answer. YES, we are reducing our coal consumption (by 10% in the past few years) and it is being replaced mostly by increased NG use.
6T Story of Stuff
6T 16e Natural Energy Flows Empathy in Design
6R CC Causes Read the GHG part of Arrhenius biography Meet at PCV Cogen by Parking Structure
6R Effects of CC
Social Change
The fate of Anthropocene?
6F Personal Power and Resource Consumption Calculations, MT corrections.
7T Response to CC
CEI CO2 is life
The Daily Show
Science Guy Denial
Veritassium Boring C. C.
Ban on talking about CC
The Pope vs. Politicians?
7T CC Policy Poor Countries Demand Payment
7R Electricity Finances
7R Carbon Abatement Republican Split and Options MT Solutions Posted
7R Guatemala Example Nicaragua, Casillas
Rosenfeld Efficiency LATimes
7F Start Second Self-Intervention I Reposted a slightly edited PS#6. I’ve corrected the use of “cost” vs “price” in problem #3 and on the Excel Spreadsheet.
8T Efficiency Please skim: Earthquakes from drilling?
8T Lighting Efficiency
8R Heat Pump Efficiency Meet at Pete’s House
8R Cool Roofs and Paradox Helicopter DateJevon’s Paradox
8F Lighting, Efficiency, Cool Roofs Visit Cal Poly Chill Water Facility, and look at lighting efficiency technologies in activity section.
9T Wind Power Professor Chiu Presents about LCA
9T LCA and Biofuels FootPrint Calculator
Reduction in GHG Emissions?
9R TransportationA Read through and get the basic message of Lovins 1976 Road Not Taken Eric Veium: Rapid Transition to Renewable Energy
9R TransportationB Read Through the Renewable Energy Report – look at the graphs about growth in renewable energy capacity.
10T Solar PV
PS6 Question #1 video
Managing increased renewable electricity
Check posted solutions for PS #6!
Check posted solutions for PS #7!
10T Concentrated Solar Fill out Student Evaluations at: https://sail.calpoly.edu/
10F Earn $5000 for your video at this contest.

Final Exam: Thursday June 11, 10 AM
Notes to self on how to improve the class