Summer 2017 Week 10


  • read about what Borenstein sees as California’s next step. Where does he use “market mechanisms”, and “where the market fails”. What does this mean? What does he say about creation of knowledge?
  • Please see video: Concentrated Solar and slides
  • Please read this article on improving infrastructure and consider three questions:
    • $2 trillion… is that a lot? Of course, what this question should mean is to find a way to compare it to something that makes sense. For instance, how much is this per US American? Or better yet, per US American family?
    • $0.25 per gallon gasoline tax? How long would it take to bring in $2 trillion at the rate we use petroleum?
    • Would you consider this a market mechanism? To what degree is this internalizing an external cost? To what degree is it just raising money and not internalizing an external cost?