Summer 2017 Week 2

Monday: Flow of Heat

  • Heat Flow: Please see this video (Heat Flow ) and follow with the slides (Heat Flow Slides)
  • See the video of Calculating power of one student
  • How about the power of one super athlete?
  • Please see this video about Scaling
  • Read through the projects and put your name and contact information by one or two projects that interest you most.
  • If you haven’t already, please go to the self intervention page (link on main website) and read about the intervention that should have started Friday (but I forgot to talk about it) but can start now and last a week.

Wednesday: Heat Engines


  • Hans Rosling: Poverty Statistics video
  • Combustion with Slides (from Heat Engines Video)
  • Read China Axes 100 Coal Power Plant

  • LA Lead Crime connection.png
    LA Lead Crime connection.png

    Also, please check out the graph at right from this article in the BBC connecting lead in fuel (and subsequently in air) with violent crime rates. Note that the x-axis is split with the violent crimes (red) coming 23 years later than the lead concentrations (blue).

  • Note that it is “command and control” regulations from the government that ended leaded gasoline use. These are the kinds of regulations that Trump talks of ending because it encumbers business.
  • California is considering outlawing gasoline garden equipment. Please read the article on NPR. Note the last two sentences: They bring up environmental justice, and finances.