Summer 2017 Week 3


  • Wealth of USA?.pngPlease make a USA wealth graph where the x-axis is each person in the USA ordered from poorest to richest, and the y-axis is how much money they have. That is if everyone had $200,000, it would look like the one on the left, and if each person had $10 more than the person before, it would look like the one on the right with the poorest person having nothing and the richest person having $3.2 billion. Please make two graphs: graph what you think the USA really looks like, and make a graph of how you think the USA would ideally look.
  • Only after you’ve done the above, please see Moyers: USA wealth gap
  • Please watch Conversion Efficiency with Slides (from Heat Engines Video)
  • Look up and read about cogeneration. What does it mean?