Summer 2017 Week 6


  • Please see the video about Nuclear Power
  • See the video: How about the nuclear power we have yet to control: Fusion
  • Please see the slides if you like.
  • Please see this video / read the article. Subramanian The numbers in this paper are important. Please know them.


  • Please read Kirk Smith’s short paper: What’s Cooking? There’s an amazing amount of attention about how poor people cook. Please come to class to answer the question “WHY do we care so much?”. Also come prepared to ask or answer the questions: What’s the Carbon Market? What’s the Clean Development Mechanism? Why do we care about how poor people cook?
  • Please see video Nuclear Safety
  • Please see slides for videos on nuclear.
  • MUST READ! this short article from Forbes about deaths per unit of electricity generated. Which technology is the least, the most dangerous? Where do deaths from rooftop solar come from?
  • Please see this video about our project developing an improved cookstove for implementation in Uganda. If you are interested to know more, you can read the entire scientific paper here.