Summer 2017 Week 7


Wednesday’s Class

Before Class
How did California decouple revenue to the utilities from the amount of electricity that they produce… It’s a tricky question because the general market financially rewards producing more product, but we want people to be happy while consuming less electricity. The recommendations below are from Chris Read, who works for SLO county climate action plans.

  1. Energy profit/consumption decoupling: (this is as good a description as any, but googling “energy decoupling California” will give you a lot more)
  2. It would be good for students to have a sense of legislative direction re: RPS: I encourage students to use the google machine to figure out how RPS is attached to the state’s climate goal (as codified in AB32 and SB32) and how related legislation helps (e.g., SB350) (related: should energy efficiency be counted as an energy resource?).
  3. Demand response is a bit outside what I do, but my colleagues say this is a good start:

From a local government perspective… the students can take a look at the County’s climate action plan (read the energy section only) so we can discuss what local governments can and can’t do (and do and don’t do well). Please just read the executive summary.