Physics in Four-part Harmony

This textbook by Pete Schwartz and Dean Stocker is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License
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These chapters develop and support the comprehensive parallel pedagogy curriculum, as described in a May, 2017 The Physics Teacher publication.

Dean A. Stocker ( adapted the calculus-based text and algebra-based text for conceptual class. They are very short and simple with the intention that students will actually read them. Please contact Dean or Pete if you find mistakes, have ideas for improvements, or want to contribute.

  1. Chapter 1 Ways to look at the world
  2. Chapter 2 Putting in some numbers
  3. Chapter 3 Putting it all together
  4. Chapter 4 Changing speed – acceleration
  5. Chapter 5 Thermal Energy and Friction
  6. Chapter 6 Two Dimensions
  7. Chapter 7 Spinning
  8. Spinning
  9. A matter of perspective
    (frames of reference)
  10. On a grand scale
    (Newtonian gravitation)
  11. Really, really fast
    (Special & general relativity)
  12. Sub-microscopic
    (Atoms & subatomic particles)
Appendix A: Symbols and units for various quantities