Week 1 SUSTAIN Spring 2015

Color Codes:
Green is the color or your Goal: What should you know by the end of this day?
Purple is the Reading from the Open Stax College Physics Textbook
Video Links are in Blue, but turn to purple after you see them.
Red is important

Day 1: Monday
Know how the class is run differently from traditional classes. If you haven’t been in 141 with me before, please watch What are we doing? and Veritassium video, Say the Wrong Thing. Lastly, please go to Open Stax College Physics Textbook and get a textbook in a form that will work for you. In much of this class, we will continue practicing using the four different lenses to look at mechanical systems.

Before Monday’s Class:
1. Get connected to Educanon into THIS NEW CLASS: SUSTAIN Physics Spring 2015. A tutorial here, and a video here show you how to enroll in last quarter’s class. Just make sure you enroll in SUSTAIN Physics Spring 2015. You may need the student search code: v92edc
2. Review the video about Springs and Hook’s Law if you haven’t seen it yet, or if you want to review it.
3. See the new video on Oscillatory Motion.
3. Read, or at least skim (so you know where the information is: 16.1 – 16.6 – it looks daunting, but it is just 13 pages

During Class: Meet in the SUSTAIN room, 38-121
New people and nonSUSTAINeers will introduce themselves.
We will spend a short time discussing the videos. How is this learning format going to work for you?
Explore oscillators, Can you answer these questions:
In the video, I put a 200 g mass on a spring and it stretched about 25 cm. Then I stretched the spring another 10 cm. Find the following in any order:
1) The speed of the mass when it passes through the equilibrium point.
2) The speed of the mass when it passes through x = 5 cm.
3) The spring constant.
4) The period of the oscillation.
5) Omega of the oscillation
6) The acceleration of the mass at the lowest and highest points.
7) The energy stored in the oscillator.
8) If I let the mass go at t = 0 seconds from the bottom, x = -10 cm, what is the equation of motion of the mass on the spring?

After Class:

Day 2: Tuesday Celebrate Cesear Chavez , but please don’t have eight kids.

Day 3: Wednesday:

Before lab:
1. Make sure you have read and understand 16.4.
2. See the video How to solve the equations of motion by using the anal extraction method

During Class:
Meet in 180 – 269 before 3:10 PM.
PS#1 is Posted on the Main Page

Day 4: Thursday Meet in 180-262, not in the SUSTAIN room

Before Class:
PS#1 is Posted on the Main Page – get started!
Read 16.7 and 16.8 in your text.

During Class: Meet in 180 – 262 before 1:10 PM.

Over Weekend