Week 10 SUSTAIN Spring 2015

Thermal Physics

Day 1: Monday (SUSTAIN Room):
Before Class: Read 15.3 and 15.4, Make sure you understand all concepts on Gas Processes Worksheet,

Watch these two videos:
Heat Engines
Efficiency and the three laws

I’m actually going to lecture today a little on this HyperPhysics Webpage

Can you Prove equation 15.34? This HyperPhysics Entropy Webpage may help.
Practice with LON CAPA

Day 2: Tuesday 180-262: Heat Pumps
Before Class: Read section 15.5
See Heat Pumps Video

Review yesterday’s lecture on this HyperPhysics Webpage


In Class:
Practice with LON CAPA

Day 3: Wednesday: 180-269
Before lab: This lab draws on the three gas expansions/compressions from last Thursday (as expressed on the
Gas Processes Worksheet) and from heat pumps (yesterday). Please make sure you understand them well before class.

Day 4: Thursday Meet in 180-262,
Before Class: Practice with LON CAPA