Week 11 Practice and Preparation

Week 11:
Practice and Preparation

Day 1: Where do you weigh more?

Please see the rotation review video: Rotation Big Picture
For notes on the “Rotation Big Picture” video?: Rotation Big Picture Map
Please see the video on Tetherball physics
Also see your colleagues’ video on Rigid Rotor Ride

Day 2:Collect question #4 for PS #10
Office hour noon in 38-121 with free food
Videos from your colleagues: www.educanon.com/delivery/32670/139634 and www.educanon.com/delivery/32670/139650

Day 3: Quiz on more rotational physics Please read Between Now and the Final Exam and Response from week 8, 9,
Extra office hour: noon in 38-121 with free food
11 AM office hour at my office

Videos from your colleagues: www.educanon.com/listcode/140330/v92edc and www.educanon.com/delivery/32670/140535

Day 4: general concept exam with cookies (if you fill out the surveys!) and feedback. please read communications

Extra office hour: noon in 38-121 with free food
Regular 10 AM office hour at my office.
See my last video: Addendum to big picture about angular momentum of a point mass
Friday: See your very last video about the diving board problem: Diving Board Problem

SUNDAY, Dec. 7: I’ll be in my office for office hours from noon – 2