Week 3 121 W2020

Monday Martin Luther King Day, No Classes.


Power-producing activity today! Before Class

  1. Graphing a ball toss.
  2. Please see how I solved the Grasshopper Problem Using Excel
  3. Also, see the video about Doc Edgerton’s Photograph of Denny Shute hitting the golf ball
  4. Finish PS #2
  5. I posted your feedback from class Thursday on the main class website. I appreciate your feedback and it seems things are going well. The end of the second week is usually the most difficult time. So, hang in there. Several students are getting tutors. I think it is more effective to work problems in groups… ideally near my office so if you run into difficulty you can ask me. If you’re going to get a tutor, it would be best if they are familiar with our class. If you ask me, I can find a past student to help you, or I can meet with you and your tutor to identify strategies… Again, I think it would be better if you worked problems with classmates.
  6. Plan your activity – what will you video to make kinematic graphs and calculate power?
  7. Would you like to see old assessments? They are public! You can go to past classes accessible from the main class website. If you go back further than Fall 2019, you will only find midterms and “big exams” (because I just started doing weekly assessments this past fall), but the questions are the same as what you’ll find on assessments and the final exam.

Remember to meet at the bottom of Baker Science – where Via Carta meets Inner Perimeter.

During Class:

  • Execute our activity – to be handed in next Tuesday!
  • Hand in PS #2

Wednesday: Dynamics Protocol: Then what is equilibrium? How do we find the resultant force? We introduce the “dynamics protocol” 

Before Class:

  1. I posted solutions to PS#2 on the main class website. Please see them.
  2. The Elevator Dynamics Problem. There has been trouble only for some people to get access to the video. If you are having difficulty, please check with your friends and then send me an Email describing what you see and include a screenshot.
  3. Please see this video demonstrating the dynamics protocol.
  4. Bozeman Science FBDs
  5. Read 2.5 (Dynamics)
  6. In response to your feedback, I reflected in one challenge expressed by several students – that we’re learning too much to fast. This is not uncommon, nor is it correlated with our unique learning method. Student challenges of physics requiring too much time, is likely very much just about physics being demanding. However, the classes that I direct have covered more material than other physics classes. Hence, I will reduce the rate that we cover material. Consequently, we will cover less material than my previous 121 classes, but likely still more than other 121 classes.

During Class

  • A string breaks
  • Assessment #3

Would you like to have a garden, or learn about aquaponics, growing mushrooms? Tree nursery? Please consider coming to the
Student Experimental Farm this Sunday at noon, or thereabouts. How do I get to the SEF?

Optional video: Veritasium on how they measured gravity waves.

Before Class

  • I posted solutions to the assessment #3. Make sure you know the dynamics protocol well. You’ll certainly see it again!
  • I posted PS#3. Please read it thoroughly and consider some of the problems.
  • See video about: Springs!
  • See video: Stretched spring launches mass.
  • Read 2.6 Springs 
  • Consider if you’d like to come to the EWB Showcase Friday 4-6:30 (with food provided) at the ATL (Bld. 7). I will be leading an activity exploring development models (what we make of the fact that globally people have extremely different access to re$ource$), and our research group will be there with our ISEC cooking technology. More information at ClubShowcase2020

During Class

  • How do you keep the water in the bottom of the bucket when it’s upside down?
  • a string breaks.