Week 4 SUSTAIN Spring 2015

Day 1: Monday: Power Transmitted by a wave, 2-D wave interference.

Before Monday’s Class:
1) If you are challenged with the explanation of the two slit experiment, please see the reading assignment for last Thursday, and in particular, look at fig. 27.13 and 27.14
2) Please watch this video I prepared for you describing The Power Transmitted in a wave on a string

In Class:

After Class:

Day 2: Tuesday 180-262, not in the SUSTAIN room: Thin Film Interference! SOAP BUBBLES
Before Tuesday’s Class: Read 27.7 Thin Film Interference.

If you’re interested in the questions from yesterday’s class, they are in this copy of Lecture for Week 4 – day 1

In Class: Make sure you can do #4 on MT#2 from 2012 that I just posted on the main webpage. Prepare for midterm!

Day 3: Wednesday: 180-269
Standing Waves in an air column
Before lab: Hey! I posted my solution (without a drawing) for the last part of the Doppler Shift question – what is the speed of my friend. I put it on the main website.

During Lab: Midterm #1

Day 4: Thursday Meet in 180-262, not in the SUSTAIN room

Before Class: Please read chapter 27.1 – 27.8. Whatever you didn’t read so far. Please understand or have a question about Huygen’s Principle, single slit diffraction and polarization.

In Class: Explore some demonstration and single slit.