Week 5 Projectile and Gravity

Week 5:
Universal Gravity, complicated kinematics

Day 1: Universal Gravity and the Ubiquitous Inverse Square Law
Before Class: See scaling and gravity video
From Textbook: Read the first half of section 6.5, up to (but not including) example 6.6, try the first two “section 6.5” problems at the end of chapter 6. These are problems 33 and 34 for me calculating the mass and acceleration of the earth respectively.
In class: Hand in PS #4, and be prepared to take a quiz on the ubiquitous inverse square law like the quiz given in the video.

Day 2: Gravitational Energy and Escape Velocity

Before Class: See videos about Escape Velocity
In class: Do “escape velocity problem” (part of PS #5)

Day 3: Energy Diagrams
Hand in Perfect Corrections for Midterm 1 with answers. For details, see Syllabus
See this video on Potential Energy Graphs
Next Problem Set: PS#5 is available on the main timeline:Main Timeline

Day 4: Projectile Motion: Complicated Kinematics and Projectile Motion
Textbook: Read and understand section 2.5. Read earlier sections of chapter 2 if you like

Kinematics Video

See this video Veritassium music video I’m always scared when someone uses the word “inertia” because it’s so often misused… “inertia” is just mass in that a = F/m, so as mass increases, acceleration decreases. You don’t really need to use the word “inertia”… but he does, so be careful!