Week 5 SUSTAIN Spring 2015

GEOMETRIC (RAY) OPTICS…. I posted the link for an OpenStax Solutions Manual on the main page.

Day 1: Monday: Rays, Reflection, and Refraction

Before Monday’s Class:
1) Read 25.1 – 25.4, attempt any of the computational problems at the end of the chapter, 25.1 – 25.27. I recommend you do one or two problems from each section.

In Class:

Day 2: Tuesday 180-262:
Before Tuesday’s Class: Read 25.5, Dispersion and Rainbows
Please see updated PS#4

In Class: Big Exam #4

Day 3: Wednesday: 180-269
Before lab: Please watch Veritasium Video about Chameleons, and Wave Tank Diffraction. Please read the Diffraction Lab Report

During Lab: Interference and diffraction

Day 4: Thursday Meet in 180-262, not in the SUSTAIN room
Before Class: Read 25.6, 25.7, Lenses

In Class: Lenses