Week 6 projectile and systems

Week 6:
Projectile Motion and Systems

Day 1: Projectile Motion
Before Class: Review video on kinematic equations.
See Veritassium video on gravity:
From Textbook: Read and understand section 2.3. You may also want to read the previous sections in chapter 3 if you think you need to review this material. The last passage before section 2.5 mislabels the “orbital velocity” as the “escape velocity”. This is wrong! You haven’t escaped if you’re still orbiting. We will later shop that the escape velocity is larger than the orbital velocity by the square root of two.
in class: Shooting the monkey, hand in PS #5

Day 2: Systems 1
Please read my video about Systems of Masses
and my video on Solving the Atwood Machine Using Energy
Although it’s not assigned until tomorrow, if you are interested in solving the system with work and friction

In Class: demonstrations on Pulleys, Mechanical Advantage and the Atwood Machine. Problem #3 on PS#6

Day 3: Systems 2

Your text doesn’t address dynamic systems, so please read the information on this website: Atwood Machine by individual masses
See video about the system with work and friction
See video about Solving the Atwood Machine with Dynamics
force exerted by water from a fire hose from problem set #4.

Elastic and inelastic collisions

Day 4: Elastic Collisions

Read section 8.4 in the text and the previous sections to provide background – 8.3 may be new to you and worth the look. You can solve the elastic collision with the simultaneous equations as they do in example 8.4, conserving both momentum and energy. However, you could also solve this by drawing pictures as I do in the Educanon video posted for today.

See video Elastic Collisions by Changing Reference Frames This is my most popular video – after ~ 2.5 years, it has almost 5,000 views. I wonder why. Maybe you can tell me after seeing it.
video of Elastic Collisions with Walter Lewin at MIT