Week 7 320 W2020

Monday: no class because of President’s Day

Wednesday:Before Class

  • By now, you should have sent me your Empathy Intervention Statement. If not, send it please.
  • Finish your Electricity Energy Audit – Excel Sheet on main class website.
  • Finish PS #6 on main class website.
  • See video about Electricity Finances and read Finances Slides
  • The EPA was set up by Nixon in 1970. It was way way necessary. Its success is reflected in the greatly improved health of our environment and our people. Because of this success, do people care about the environment less? Please read this story on NPR.
  • See video about Carbon Abatement and see supporting Carbon Abatement slides
  • Read the updated McKinsey’s Carbon Abatement Curve or at least look at the graphs.
  • Please read this article about the possible Carbon Tax in Washington State. They bring up many important economic issues.
  • Please see calculation on heat of combustion vs GHG warming… it takes a few months for GHG to warm the earth as much as the heat of combustion.
  • I’m disappointed in assessment #6. Maybe I’m disappointed in my ability to formulate a question that frames the question to get the facet of the question I’m asking about. I propose allowing students to hand in corrections to get a better grade… Please hand this in by Friday. Please see notes that I made on the assessment questions on the main class website.


Before Class

During Class

10:10 AM We meet out by building 70 for a tour of Cal Poly’s Solar Ranch.

Activity Sections:

  • Assessment
  • Discussions