Week 7 Intro to Circular Motion

Week 7:
Intro for physics of circular motion

Day 1: Review for Midterm 2

Day 2: Midterm 2

Day 3: 4 kinds of questions for circular motion
Please do the following reading before class. Make sure you understand where the information is and what is being discussed so you can look back for future references:
6.1 Angular Displacement and Angular Velocity
9.1-9.2 Statics. Torque, Rotational Equilibrium
10.1 Angular Acceleration
10.3 Angular Dynamics, Torque creates Angular acceleration, Rotational Inertia
10.4 Work Energy Theorem
10.5 Angular Momentum

See videos: 4 kinds of rotational physics concepts and Units of rotational physics and correlation with linear motion

In class: We will work on and collect classwork

Day 4: Torque and Moment of Inertia
Read 10.3 in your text
Watch the videos: Torque and the Lever and moment of inertia