Week 8 More Angular Motion

Week 8:
More angular motion

Day 1: Angular Momentum and Statics

From last week, please take a closer look at these two topics:

9.1-9.4 Statics. Torque, Rotational Equilibrium. See video: Statics

10.5 Angular Momentum

Day 3 (Wednesday): Angular Momentum

Please see for credit, the video on Angular Momentum, Karate, Ice Skating

Large quiz on Gravity, inverse square law, and potential energy diagrams: about 25 minutes.
If you want some more help solving a statics problem, please see this optional Statics Example Problem I found this after I searched on the web: “Khan Academy Physics Statics”. It turns out that this isn’t even a Khan Academy Video but it is a worked example. He uses the word “moment” (as engineers do) instead of “torque” (as physicists do).

Day 4: More problems with circular motion: Centripetal Acceleration
Read Chapter 6 in your text. You don’t have to read it exhaustively, but please understand where the information is. Chapter 6.2 explains centripetal acceleration. 6.3 discussion forces that produce circular motion, using the word “centripetal force”, which is more damaging (in my opinion) than the difficulty that “Newton’s 3rd Law Pairs” causes students. Please come prepared to ask and answer the question, “why is there no such thing as ‘centripetal force’?” 6.4 deals with other fictitious forces like “centrifugal force” and “Coriolis Force”. It is important to know what these forces are… or claim to be so that you will know not to use them, and you can discuss them at the party.

Please see the video on Centripetal Acceleration: use and derivation

In Class: Hand in MT2 test corrections

End of class, how do we make water stay in the bottom of the bucket?